[Chosun Market] Organic Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice

[Chosun Market] Golden Queen No 3. Rice

Korea's Highest-Quality Rice

[Chosun Market] Organic Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice

This is the best tasting Korean rice we've ever had! 

Yes, we were skeptical at first.

I mean isn't white rice - just white rice? How could it taste better?

After one bowl, it completely changed out minds.

So what makes it different?

Let's start with the visual. When cooked properly, you'll notice that the rice has a beautiful, polished sheen (look at images below).

The rice grains are plump, chewy and delicious.

Second, the rice is organic - grown without any chemical fertilizers and cultivated following organic farming principles.

Third, the rice will taste great and retain its chewy texture - up to 24 hours after cooking (assuming that you're keeping it in a rice cooker).

The fourth - and our favorite point - is that the rice gives off a subtle popcorn aroma!

It's this aroma that makes the rice taste irresistible.

Simply perfect for everyday Korean meals!

If you want to try arguably, Korea's highest-quality rice, this is it!

Note: The organic version is available only in 1kg bag. The regular version is available in both 1kg or 4kg bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karen M. (Kansas, United States)

This rice is amazing! I save it for very special guests! Always turns out perfectly!

mriel (Singapore)
대박! Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice

Fluffy, light & wonderful aroma.

Kiffany P.
Love this rice

buying for the third time. I love white rice and always buy a premium organic brand, this blows it out of the water

Ryan C.
Amazing flavor

The mild, buttery popcorn flavor of this rice is addicting! If I could, I think I would eat this rice exclusively. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey so I have to save it as an occasional treat.

Product Highlights

  • Golden Queen No 3 is a 95% pure-breed strain of Korean Rice
  • Rice stays moist and chewy for a long period of time - up to 24 hours after cooking
  • This rice has a very appetizing aroma - releases a natural, popcorn-like scent!
  • Available in organic version (1kg) 
  • ★ Gochujar Must-Try Item ★

- [Chosun Market] -
Golden Queen No 3. Rice

Certified organic - grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides!

Rice has a shiny gloss (images below) - chewy, plump and aromatic!

Gochujar Tip for Cooking

Cooking tips for Golden Rice

When cooking this rice, add 10-15% less water than you normally use.

Many people use the "hand method" to gauge the amount of water needed to cook their rice. Typically, the water level should reach the back of your palm. But for this rice, pour in enough water until it reaches the middle joints in your fingers (reference image above).

Alternatively, if measuring with standardized cups, pour in a 1:1 ratio of water to rice. Then pour out a small drizzle of water before cooking in the rice cooker. 

If you don't know how to cook white rice at all - please reference video below.

(Note: This rice is good enough to eat by itself - no fancy banchans needed! Scoop some rice onto seaweed sheet, with a dab of soy sauce!)

Storage Tips

After opening, place rice in a cool, dry area of your pantry... or place in your refrigerator for longer storage. 

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About The Brand

Chosun Market is a joint company between Seedpia (a Korean company specializing in rice research) and Korea's Agricultural Marketing & Research Agency. Together, they have nurtured and cultivated one of Korea's most-premium rice strains.

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