[Chung-O] Korean Toasted Germinated Sesame Seeds (Original & Black) - 110g

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[Chung-O] Korean Toasted Germinated Sesame Seeds (Original & Black) - 110g

Grown in Korea, Perfect for Garnish

[Chung-O] Korean Toasted Germinated Sesame Seeds

Introducing Chung-O Sesame Seeds: 100% Korea-grown, germinated, and exceptional in quality!

Unlike most sesame seeds sold in Korean supermarkets, which are imported in bulk from countries like India and China to keep prices low, Chung-O takes pride in its domestic production in Korea and organic farming practices.

In fact, Chung-O was the first company in Korea to receive official recognition from the government as an organic farm.

What sets Chung-O Sesame Seeds apart is the germination process they undergo.

This germination process activates enzymes in the seeds, making the nutrients more accessible and easier to digest. As a result, these sesame seeds have higher vitamin & mineral content compared to regular sesame seeds.

Not only are they packed with nutrients, but they also possess a firm, round texture and a delightful nutty flavor.

To ensure quality, Chung-O washes the sesame seeds three times during processing, effectively removing any impurities or debris.

Following that, the seeds are toasted - at a low temperature - to enhance their nutty flavor and retain nutritional value.

Chung-O Sesame Seeds are a perfect choice for garnishing your well-made Korean dishes!

The product is conveniently packaged in a 110g container, with the option to choose between regular or black.

Note: The black variety is perfect for garnishing white rice or other light-colored ingredients as it creates a nice color contrast.

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Korea-Grown Toasted Germinated Seeds
  • Germination enhances the nutrient content of sesame seeds, resulting in higher levels of vitamins & minerals
  • Improved digestibility - germination process breaks down complex compounds which are naturally present in seeds
  • Perfect for garnishing Korean dishes, banchans and fried rice
  • Comes in 110g size. Available in 2 types: Original & Black

[Chung-O] 100% Korea-Grown Germinated Sesame Seeds

This is 100% Korean Toasted Germinated Sesame Seeds

Grown in Korea - not imported!

Natural Flavor, Domestically Produced, Germinated Seeds

Experience the rich, nutty aroma of Korean sesame seeds!

Our sesame seeds undergo a thorough three-time washing process before being roasted at a low temperature

This careful preparation results in delicious, flavorful & nutrient-rich sesame seeds

Exclusively made from 100% locally-sourced Korean sesame seeds, with no mixture of imported ones

We use proprietary technology to germinate our sesame seeds!

Germination activates enzymes in the seeds, making the nutrients more accessible and easier to digest

It also enhances the nutrient content of seeds, resulting in higher levels of vitamins & minerals when compared to regular sesame seeds

The germination process can also break down complex compounds, improving their digestibility

The sesame seeds are not broken. Each seed is whole, intact, and has a rich, nutty flavor

Chung-O's is dedicated to producing excellent products!

Raw seeds undergo a quality inspection to ensure they are free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

Stalks, stems, and other byproducts are removed from the seeds.

Seeds are first washed thoroughly, and then they undergo a germination process

Next, the seeds are screened for potential substances or impurities

Once the batches have been produced, they are sent for quality assurance testing and final inspection

Germinated sesame seeds have various health benefits due to their nutrient-rich composition

A rich source of protein, vitamin B1, dietary fiber, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, and zinc

Available in 100g 

Black Sesame Seeds are also available

100% Korea-Grown | Germinated Seeds | Toasted at Low Temp | Black Sesame Seeds

Each seed is whole, intact, and has a rich, nutty flavor.

Full Ingredients list:

Germinated Sesame Seeds (Korea Grown) 100%


Store at room temperature

Made in Korea

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