[Chung-O] Organic Toasted & Crushed Sesame Seeds (깨소금)

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Organic, Crushed for Garnishing

[Chung-O] Organic Toasted & Crushed Sesame Seeds (깨소금)

Introducing Chung-O's Organic Toasted & Crushed Sesame Seeds!

In many Korean recipes, you'll find a staple ingredient called 깨소금 ('kkae-so-geum'), which refers to coarsely ground sesame seeds. 

When sesame seeds are crushed (as opposed to whole sesame seeds), their nutty aroma and flavor intensify, adding delightful texture to dishes.

This crushed sesame seed seasoning is a classic finishing touch for Korean banchans, noodle dishes, and bibimbap.

While some may opt to crush whole seeds using a mortar and pestle, many home cooks find this step cumbersome.

That's why you'll often find both whole sesame seeds and crushed sesame seeds stocked in Korean pantries.

Today, we're excited to introduce our organic crushed sesame seeds.

It's made with one ingredient: 100% organic sesame seeds (imported from India). 

Furthermore, Chung-O uses germinated sesame seeds. This germination process activates enzymes in the seeds, making the nutrients more accessible and easier to digest. As a result, these sesame seeds have higher vitamin & mineral content compared to regular sesame seeds.

To ensure quality, Chung-O washes the sesame seeds three times during processing, effectively removing any impurities or debris.

Following that, the seeds are toasted - at a low temperature - to enhance their nutty flavor and retain nutritional value.

Chung-O Sesame Seeds are a perfect choice for garnishing your well-made Korean dishes!

Available in 90g size.

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Sesame Seeds - germinated seeds, lightly roasted & coarsely ground
  • These sesame seeds are ground, perfect for seasoning or garnishing Korean recipes
  • Germination enhances the nutrient content of sesame seeds, resulting in higher levels of vitamins & minerals
  • Improved digestibility - germination process breaks down complex compounds which are naturally present in seeds
  • Use for finishing banchans, bibimbap, guk, jjigae and bokkeum-bap
  • Available in regular 90g size

[Chung-O] Organic Toasted & Crushed Sesame Seeds (깨소금)


100% Organic Toasted & Crushed Sesame Seeds

Certified Organic

Sesame seeds are crushed to release aroma and provide extra texture, making them perfect for sprinkling and seasoning Korean dishes

(Sesame seeds imported from India)


Close-up view (crushed sesame seeds) 

Our 100% organic sesame seeds undergo a meticulous three-step washing process before being roasted at a low temperature

This careful preparation results in delicious, flavorful & nutrient-rich sesame seeds

Exclusively made from 100% locally-sourced Korean sesame seeds, with no mixture of imported ones


Our product has received multiple certifications

Organic Certification

Non-Pesticide Foods Certification

HAACP Certification

FSSC 22000 Certification

We use proprietary technology to germinate our sesame seeds!

Germination activates enzymes in the seeds, making the nutrients more accessible and easier to digest

It also enhances the nutrient content of seeds, resulting in higher levels of vitamins & minerals when compared to regular sesame seeds

The germination process can also break down complex compounds, improving their digestibility

Chung-O is dedicated to producing excellent products!

Raw seeds undergo a quality inspection to ensure they are free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

Stalks, stems, and other byproducts are removed from the seeds.

Seeds are first washed thoroughly, and then they undergo a germination process

Next, the seeds are screened for potential substances or impurities

Once the batches have been produced, they are sent for quality assurance testing and final inspection

Germinated sesame seeds have various health benefits due to their nutrient-rich composition

A rich source of protein, vitamin B1, dietary fiber, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, and zinc


Available in 90g


Full Ingredients list:

100% Organic Sesame Seeds (India-Grown)


Store at room temperature

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