[Coffee Libre] Variety Coffee Drip Bags (20 Day Box)

[Coffee Libre] Variety Box (20 Bags)

Created by 2x World Champion Coffee Roaster

[Coffee Libre] Variety Coffee Drip Bags - 20 Day Box

Coffee Libre is a boutique coffee shop owned by Phil, who is the first Korean to receive Q-Grader Certification (a prestigious license for grading coffee).

He was also crowned the champion at the World Coffee Roasting Championship - 2 years in a row 2012, 2013!

Since then, Phil has started his own boutique cafe in Korea - called Coffee Libre.

Coffee Libre has become very popular due to Phil's meticulousness in sourcing the world’s best coffee beans.

Specifically, Coffee Libre is famous for their single-origin coffee beans - which they source directly from various countries (via fair-trade). Many of their beans are labelled CoE (Cup Of Excellence). CoE is awarded to only the world's best-tasting coffee beans.

Today, we offer their Variety Signature Coffee Drip Bags (20 Day Box).

This is perfect for sampling Coffee Libre's best-selling coffee.

The Blend Collection includes 3 varieties (20 bags in total):

  • Bad Blood Blend (6 Bags)
  • No Surprise Blend (7 Bags)
  • Dark Libre Blend (7 Bags)

The Single Origin Collection includes 4 varieties (20 bags in total):

  • Honduras - Single Origin (5 Bags)
  • Guatemala - Single Origin (5 Bags)
  • Costa Rica - Single Origin (5 Bags)
  • Ethiopia - Single Origin (5 Bags)

Perfect as a gift - enjoy different flavors for the whole month!

[Gochujar Editor Note: Single origin means that the coffee beans are harvested from one country (and often the same farm). You can experience unique tasting notes with single-origin beans. On the contrary, blend is a combination of single-origin beans. Blend produces a more balanced, smooth cup of coffee.]

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Product Highlights

  • Cafe owner - Phil - is Korea's first World Champion Coffee Roaster!
  • Sample one of Korea's beloved cafes at home!
  • Choose from Blend or Single-Origin Collection (works great as a gift)
  • 1 Box contains 20 drip bags

[Coffee Libre] Variety Drip Coffee

- Single Origin Collection -

Single origin means the the coffee beans are harvested from one location (and often the same farm)

Usually, it's differentiated with a specific country on its packaging (e.g. Kenya, Colombia)

The owner of Coffee Libre travels the globe to source the best beans.

Each region has unique tasting notes, with a distinct "pure" flavor - you'll appreciate the nuanced flavors!

What's included? 20 bags.

1. Honduras - Single Origin (5 Bags)

Tasting Note: Vanilla, Mik Chocolate, Citrus

2. Guatemala - Single Origin (5 Bags)

Tasting Note: Floral, Tangerine, Green Apple, Maple Syrup, Vanilla

3. Costa Rica - Single Origin (5 Bags)

Tasting Note: Apple Jam, Vanilla

4. Ethiopia - Single Origin (5 Bags)

Tasting Note: Floral, Blueberry, Ripe Fruit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Creamy

- Blend Collection -

Blend means a mix of single-origin beans

A variety of bean combinations helps dial in various notes of coffee - creating a delicious & well-balanced cup of coffee

What included? 20 bags.

1. Bad Blood - Signature Blend (6 Bags)

Tasting Note: Fruity, Citrus, Sweet

Blend: Ethiopia (30%), Costa Rica (40%), Nicaragua (30%)


2. No Surprise - Signature Blend (7 Bags)

Tasting Note:  Ripe Fruit, Sweet Chocolate

Blend: India (40%), Honduras (40%), Ethiopia (20%)


3. Dark Libre - Signature Blend (7 Bags)

Tasting Note: Dark Chocolate

Blend: India (50%), Honduras (20%), Colombia (30%)


Instructions & Recipes

1. Tear along the dotted lines of the drip bag

2. Perch the bag open and hang it on the sides of the cup

3. Then pour 200ml of hot water (3-4 pours) into the bag and let the coffee drip. 

(Recommend water temperature is between 92-95°C)

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