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Created by 2x World Champion Coffee Roaster

[Coffee Libre] Coffee Drip Bag

Coffee Libre is owned and operated by Phil - a true coffee connoisseur. 

In fact, Phil won the World Coffee Roasting Championships for two consecutive years, in 2012 and 2013! He started his own cafe near Hongdae called Coffee Libre. The cafe quickly distinguished itself from others due to Phil's meticulousness in sourcing only the world’s best coffee beans. Ask the locals in Hongdae where their favorite cafe is ... many will point to Coffee Libre!

Coffee Libre is especially famous for their single-origin coffee beans, which they source directly via fair-trade. These beans are often times the highly-regarded CoE (Cup Of Excellence) coffee beans. CoE is a prestigious label awarded to only the world's best-tasting coffee beans. They grind fresh beans for every single cup of coffee, and hand-press them for optimal taste.

If you want to try one of Korea's best coffee, look no further!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I was given a box for holiday, and I am so grateful! I did a slow pour and it really is amazing how good this coffee is... will have to order soon as I am currently rationing to one a day.

Fast delivery

Customer service was great. An email was sent to me after the order, stating the delivery would be slightly delayed, as a newer batch was coming in. Coffee was light in the after taste and comfortable to have in the evenings.

A Flavored Escape

I expected great things...and I got great things! Flavor comes pouring out of this cup(no pun intended) Its strong yet smooth. I like to actually drink this in the evening to unwind and have my flavor escape. Party of one please and thankyou.

unique design and lovely coffee

I have only tried it once but I love it already. However Gochujar service is first class.

Product Highlights

  • Cafe owner is Korea's First world Champion Coffee Roaster
  • Owner flies into different countries to hand-select the right beans
  • Coffee blends are graded via cupping - only the best-tasting blends are sold
  • 5 different types of drip-bags to choose from


Yeonnam Cafe (Main Branch)

Take a look inside the cafe

Coffee Libre Drip Bag Coffee

Product Options

 1. Blend Collection Box (Recommended)

Bad Blood - 3 Drip Bags

Dark Libre - 2 Drip Bags

No Surprise - 2 Drip Bags

(*Note: The mix vary depending on season and availability)

    2. Costa Rica Box 

    Single Origin - Costa Rica (7 Drip Bags)

      3. Ethiopia Box

      Single Origin - Ethiopia (7 Drip Bags)

        4. Honduras Box

        Single Origin - Honduras (7 Drip Bags)

          5. Nicaragua Box

          Single Origin - Nicaragua (7 Drip Bags)

            1. Blend Collection Box

            A. Bad Blood Blend (3 bags)

            This is a blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia (30%), Costa Rica (40%) and Nicaragua (30%).

            It's medium-roasted with a slightly acidic and sweet after-taste. The aroma has a mix of mountain air and wild fruit. 

            B. No Surprise Blend (2 bags)

            This is a blend of coffee beans from India (50%), Nicaragua (35%) and Ethiopia (15%).

            Slightly fruity aroma with a touch of sweetness. This is one of their best-selling blended coffees.

            C. Dark Blend (2 bags)

            This is a blend of coffee beans from India (55%), Nicaragua (15%) and Costa Rica (30%).

            This blend is made via french roasting. It has deep, strong flavor - chocolatey aroma with a slightly bitter backtaste.

            2. Costa Rica - Single Origin

            What comes in the box?

            7 Costa Rice Drip Bags. 

            What's it taste like? 

            Fresh apple jam taste with sweet vanilla aroma.

            3. Ethiopia - Single Origin

            What comes in the box?

            7 Costa Rice Drip Bags. 

            What's it taste like? 

            It has a citrus, flora aroma. Think about the last time you received fresh flowers. 

            4. Honduras - Single Origin

            What comes in the box?

            7 Honduras Drip Bags 

            What's it taste like? 

            Smooth vanilla and light citrus. Deep flavor with a milk-chocolate aroma. 

            5. Nicaragua - Single Origin

            What comes in the box?

            7 Nicaragua Drip Bags 

            What's it taste like? 

            Creamy with a full-body taste. It has a tangerine aroma with a smooth vanilla aftertaste

            How do I use a drip bag?

            1Use your hands or scissors to cut the top of the vacuum-sealed package

            2Then cut cut along the dotted line of the tea bag. Stretch-out the handles of the tea bag and cling it to your cup. Then pour hot water (90-95°C / 195-200°F)  into the bag.

            3Wait for the coffee to drip through. Once you get 180~200 ml (3/4 cup) of coffee, discard the drip bag. Now, enjoy your coffee... and your afternoon!

            Product faq

            Q: How much water should I add?
            Q: Do I add boiling water?
            Q: What country is this roasted in?

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            About The Cafe

            Coffee Libre is founded and operated by Phil - Korea's 2x World-Champion Coffee Roaster. He travels around the world to find and experiment with the best-tasting coffee beans.

            That's it folks!