[Mujagi] Flower Rice & Soup Bowl

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Original Ceramic, Stunning Design

[Mujagi] Flower Rice & Soup Bowl

Today, we're thrilled to introduce Mujagi!

Mujagi is a Korean ceramic brand, designed by the award-winning Korean ceramist Shin Bogeun.

At the heart of the brand is a commitment to "original form, without embellishment." They take immense pride in their craftsmanship, finding beauty in the natural simplicity of white ceramics, devoid of patterns or colors.

Their aim is to diverge from the mass-produced items saturating the market, and indeed, they succeed—just take a glimpse at their stunning yet traditional-styled ceramics.

Mujagi has garnered a fervent following among newlyweds, seasoned cooks, and restaurants throughout Korea, serving as an aesthetic canvas for traditional Korean dishes.

Today, we're introducing two beautiful pieces for serving a Korean meal:

Mujagi Flower Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl.

What captivates us about Mujagi is its sheer beauty—it looks just as exquisite in person as it does in the photos! A testament to the power of exceptional design.

These ceramics boast a glossy glaze finish, ensuring resilience against scratches from Korean stainless steel chopsticks and spoons.

Begin your Mujagi collection with these two pieces, and expand from there.

(Styling Tip: Pair the Flower Bowl & Soup Bowl with the Flower Banchan Plates for a visually stunning presentation.)

Handcrafted in Korea using natural white Korean clay.

Available as individual pieces or as a convenient 2-piece set.

This makes a wonderful gift for friends and family who are new to Korean cooking.

Customer Reviews

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R. (Washington, United States)
Great bowls - so pretty!!

I purchased these items in addition to Mujagi's 1-Person Set. Individually, they are stunning, but when paired with the flower side plates, they truly stand out! They're my favorite pieces from Mujagi so far. I was initially worried whether they would stock okay, but fortunately, no problem there.

Product Highlights

  • Introducing Mujagi's Flower Rice & Soup Bowls - handcrafted in Korea (Icheon)
  • Features a glossy glaze that allows safe use of metallic spoons and chopsticks - no scratching
  • Beautiful ceramic pieces designed to showcase Korean cuisine, crafted for daily use
  • Mujagi has been honored with numerous design awards for their sleek, minimalist, yet traditionally inspired Korean ceramics
  • Purchase the Flower Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl individually or as a set

Introducing Mujagi's Flower Rice & Soup Bowls: simple, elegant & aesthetic

The size is perfect for serving Korean meals

Designed for daily use - with a durable glossy finish


The glossy glaze ensures scratch-free use with metal utensils

Made for use with Korean stainless steel chopsticks and spoons

Great for daily use


Styling Tip:

Combine the Mujagi Flower Rice & Soup Bowl with Flower Banchan Plates to assemble a stunning 1-Person Korean Hansik Set


Elevate Korean cuisine with these beautiful ceramic pieces

Detailed Information


Mujagi Flower Rice Bowl

Diameter: 11.5 | Height: 5.0 cm

Weight: 180 g



Mujagi Flower Soup Bowl

Diameter: 13.8 | Height: 6.0 cm

Weight: 272 g



The glossy finish is created with a clear blue-and-white glaze

Gives the ceramics with a pure and clean appearance


Mujagi Flower Rice & Soup Bowl 

(This image features flower banchan plates - sold separately)


Mujagi is a designer ceramic brand based in South Korea

Ceramic artist Shin Bogeun specializes in refining dinnerware, with a focus on uniqueness, functionality, and elegance

Mujagi proudly showcases award-winning designs and artistic collaborations

Mujagi can be found at select department stores in Korea


Handmade in Korea

Our ceramics are exclusively crafted from Korean white clay, celebrated for its exceptional whiteness and translucency.

They undergo firing at a high temperature of 1260°C to achieve a durable finish and a beautiful gloss

Every piece is meticulously handcrafted by a team of master ceramicists in Icheon, each boasting decades of experience


The ceramic pieces are stunning enough to serve as decorative objects in your kitchen.


Product Notice

Since each piece is handmade, there may be slight imperfections such as glaze marks, dots, or faint blemishes

These imperfections do not classify it as a damaged product.

Is it dishwasher, oven, microwave safe?

✔ Microwave-safe

✔ Dishwasher-safe

✘  Do NOT use in oven

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