[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver (Sealed Can) - 2-Can Pack


[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Canned Laver Gim

Vacuum-Sealed, Maximum Crunchy Flavor!

[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver (Sealed Can) - 2 Can Pack

Dear neighbors, we're excited to introduce you to Daechun Gim’s Canned Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver.

Daechun Gim is one of Korea’s most famous seaweed brands - with a rich, 40-year history!

What sets this particular seaweed sheet apart is its vacuum-sealed packaging!

This technique locks out all moisture from the roasted seaweed, preserving its freshness and flavor.

It’s like taking a sample, straight off the production line - amazing flavor.

You'll love the loud crunch when you take a bite, followed by the satisfyingly crunchy texture of the seaweed.

We think this banchan is so delicious, it should be renamed the "rice-killer" (밥도둑).

And in case you're wondering, each can contains a generous 30g of seaweed sheets.

These seaweed sheets are roasted to perfection, coated with sesame oil, and seasoned with salt.

We're offering them in a convenient 2-Can Pack.

Give it a try and don’t be surprised if you stop buying all other gim products.

Storage: After opening, it’s fine to keep at room temperature.

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Product Highlights

  • Korean roasted seaweed sheets, vacuum-sealed in a can to preserve fresh taste
  • Amazing, fresh taste with a signature crunchy bite
  • A "rice-killer" banchan (밥도둑) - it will make you happy when you eat!
  • Made by Daechu Gim, one of Korea’s most famous seaweed brands (40 years of history)
  • Available in 2-can pack

[Daechun Gim] - Canned Roasted Seaweed Laver

Vacuum-sealed in a can!

Amazing, fresh seaweed taste with a signature crunchy bite

Perfect Banchan - Well-Seasoned!

Made with the nutrition-rich 'Gopchang' seaweed variety. Gopchang seaweed has a signature crunchy bite when dried!

The sheets are seasoned well with sesame oil & salt - perfect for eating with hot rice!

Vacuum-sealed to preserve crunchy texture, snap & flavor!

What are the ingredients?

Korean Gopchang Seaweed (55.2%), Sesame Oil, Canola Oil, Salt

Daechun Kim has been making seaweed products for the last 40 years in Korea!

We harvest nutrient-rich seaweed from Seohaean Coastline (South Korea)

To maximize taste and nutrition, the seaweed is processed & roasted following traditional Korean techniques

Our seaweed is produced in safe, hygienic and HAACP-certified facilities

We have proprietary, patented techniques to make delicious gim!

Our seaweed sheets undergo a 3-stage roasting process

This roasting process has been fine-tuned to prevent burning and to minimize nutrition loss from the seaweed

Full Ingredients List

Korean Gopchang Seaweed (55.2%), Sesame Oil, Canola Oil, Salt


1 can contains 30 grams of seaweed sheets

Offered in a 2-can set

How to Store:

Store at room temperature, in a cool & dry place

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