[Dr Kim's] Organic Green Cabbage Extract Balls

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[Dr Kim's] Organic Green Cabbage Extract Balls

Made from 100% Organic Cabbage

[Dr Kims] Organic Green Cabbage Extract Balls

We often read about the health benefits of particular vegetables.

But to reap those health benefits, we have to eat alot and eat them routinely - which is not easy to do!

So Koreans like to either (1) liquify vegetables and drink it as an extract (called 'jip' in Korean). Or (2) dehydrate vegetables, grind them into a fine powder and swallow them in the form of extract balls (called 'hwan' in Korean)

Dr. Kim's Natural Food offers Green Cabbage in the form of these easy-to-swallow extract balls.

How is it made?

It starts off with 100% organically-grown Green Cabbage.

Each head of cabbage is inspected for quality and the outer-most leaves are stripped-off. The cabbage is thoroughly washed. Then completely dehydrated at a low heat of 50°C. The dried cabbage is then pulverized into a fine powder and pressed into small balls.

All of this hardwork so you can consume green cabbages quick & easy!

Why green cabbage?

Green cabbage is packed with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C and other antioxidants that help the body clear itself of free radicals that damage cells.

They help reduce inflammation in the body and cancer-causing agents. Green cabbage is also packed with fiber which aids in digestion - something we can all benefit from.

But don't take our word for it - we recommend a Google search on the health benefits of Green Cabbage. 

Carry a bottle of these mini green cabbage balls in your handbag or backpack.

And when you feel like you haven't had enough vegetables in your meal, take a few!

Note: This product's packaging has been renewed for 2021 - please reference image in product page below. 

Customer Reviews

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Lenny C. (Massachusetts, United States)
Amazing Product

For those that don't know, green cabbage juice has been shown to cure ulcers. Trying to juice the amount that is required every day for 10 days or longer is quite inconvenient and difficult to maintain. Finding this product has been great, I don't know if the effect is quite as strong as juicing, but consuming these regularly has worked to take away my stomach acid, which had been causing daily pain, but has significantly improved after finishing a bottle of these. I feel if I were to take these all the time, it would keep my condition at bay.

Product Highlights

  • Made from 100% Korea-grown organic green cabbage
  • Packed with Vitamin K and Vitamin C, as well as other anti-oxidants, flavonoids and phenols
  • Effective for managing glucose levels and lowering high blood pressure
  • Good for your gut and a natural detoxifier
  • Easy to take - simply swallow with some water
Organic Green Cabbage Balls

Green Cabbage is packed with impressive nutrients:

➤ High in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Beta-Carotene, Fiber, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

➤ Contains 20 different flavonoids and 15 different phenols - which help to prevent type 2 diabetes and reduce blood glucose levels.

➤ Packed with fiber - helps promote a healthy, efficient digestive system.

How many extract balls do I take?

Take 3g per serving | Take up to 2 servings per day

To measure 3 grams = pour enough to fill the bottom of the cap

These extract balls are made in HAACP-certified facilities. 

How is this marketed in Korea?

Here is a Youtube video that shows Dr. Kim's organic cabbage farm. (No audio in video)

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About The Founder & CEO

Dr. Kim Jae Sik received his doctorate degree from Seoul National University. Over the last 30 years, he and his team have been researching ways to efficiently extract nutrition out of natural super foods. His brand has now become a leader in the natural foods category for excellence in quality, taste and organic farming.

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