[Chung-O] Organic Roasted Soybean Powder

[Chung-O] Organic Roasted Soybean Powder  -Closeup

100% Korean Soybeans, Certified Organic

[Chung-O] Organic Roasted Soybean Powder

Today, we introduce an organic roasted soybean powder.

This powder is crafted from 100% organic soybeans, locally grown right here in Korea, ensuring quality and freshness.

It's important to note that these soybeans are not imported from China.

The soybeans undergo a thorough washing process before being lightly roasted at low temperatures. Afterward, they are ground into a fine powder.

Soybean powder is packed with healthy unsaturated fats, known to assist in lowering cholesterol levels. Its significant fatty acid content also aids in maintaining optimal blood pressure.

Furthermore, it’s high in protein, serving as a popular plant-based protein source. It contains all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein

Koreans use soybean powder in various ways to enhance both the nutritional value and flavor of their dishes:

  • Protein Shakes: Blending soybean powder with milk or other ingredients to create nutritious protein shakes, perfect for a morning boost or post-workout replenishment

  • Coating for Rice Cakes (Injeolmi): Dusting rice cakes with soybean powder to add a nutty flavor and unique texture

  • Sprinkling Over Yogurt: Sprinkling soybean powder over yogurt for added protein, nutrients, and a delightful burst of flavor

  • Baked Goods: Incorporating soybean powder into baked goods such as bread or muffins for a nutty and savory touch

  • Ice Cream/Desserts: Sprinkling soybean powder over ice cream or desserts to infuse them with a distinctive Korean flavor profile

After opening, please store the soybean powder in the refrigerator - as it will preserve taste for longer.

Available in 200g size.

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Korean Soybean Powder
  • Certified Organic, Pesticide-Free, and HAACP-Certified
  • Sprinkle it over yogurt, shaved ice, or ice cream, or roll rice cakes in it to make injeolmi rice cakes
  • Available in 200g bag

[Chung-O] Organic Roasted Soybean Powder


Organic Roasted Soybean Powder

Made in Korea. Certified Organic.


Crafted with just one ingredient—free from fillers, preservatives, or food coloring

Made with only one ingredient: 100% Organic Soybeans

The soybeans are gently roasted at low temperatures before being finely ground into a powder, resulting in a smooth, nutty flavor.


Certified Organic, Pesticide-Free, and HACCP-certified


Grown in Korea - quality you can trust

Our soybeans are locally grown in Korea, not imported from China.

After thorough cleaning and drying, the soybeans are ground into a fine powder.

Korea-grown. Exceptional flavor. Worry-free!


Where do I use soybean powder?

Blend with milk for a nutritious shake or sprinkle over yogurt or vanilla ice cream for an extra burst of flavor

Enhance the flavor of namul (vegetable side dishes), baked breads, and patbingsu (shaved ice) with a nutty touch.

Or use it as a coating over sticky rice cakes (injeolmi) for a delightful snack.


Korean Injeolmi Rice Cake - coated in soybean powder


Close-up of soybean powder


Full Ingredients List

100% Soybean (Korea-Grown)

Size: 200g

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