[Dawn 808] Hangover Drink Solution


[Dawn 808] Hangover Drink

The Original Hangover Drink

[Dawn 808] Hangover Drink Solution

Dawn 808 is the world's first patented hangover drink!

The formula was created by Dr. Jong Hyun Nam (portrait on can). It took him 808 experiments to perfect a formula that would effectively reduce hangover symptoms.

Unlike other hangover drinks, Dawn 808 is unique in that it's made from 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals or artificial ingredients are added - it's made by boiling an eclectic mix of herbal medicinal ingredients like alder and rowan trees. It's technically a tea.

So how does it taste? It has an earthy, oriental medicine-like taste. Certainly not the tastiest flavor but effective in preventing nasty hangovers. Your body will thank you the next morning!

Dawn 808 was a mega-hit in Korea! After it was introduced in 1992, it ignited the now-booming hangover drink industry. It also became the first hangover drink to be internationally patented - with patents in the US, Japan, China, Canada and six other countries in Europe. 

If you're curious to try the original formula that sparked it all- grab a few cans! Then compare it with other market leaders like CJ's Condition or Dong-A's Morning Care.

Product Highlights

  • Korea' first hangover solution - the product that created the hangover drink industry
  • Prevents nasty hangovers to help you carry on with your day
  • Made with 100% natural herbs  - no artificial ingredients
  • Available in 2, 4 or 6 cans (1 can is 119 ml)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Water, Alder Tree, Jujubee, Ginger, Hazel Tree,
    Honey, Rowan Berries,  Licorice Root, Arrow Root

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 3 years
  • Store in a cool, dry area
  • Serve chilled (if you like)

When to Drink

  • Best to drink 30 minutes before consuming alcohol.
  • ...or drink it after you finish drinking or right before you go to bed.

About the Brand

  • Glami patented the world's first hangover cure formula - Dawn 808.
    The inventor of the formula has been recognized both in
    Korea and abroad with more than 30 achievement awards. 
How is it marketed in Korea?

Here's a local news segment in English about Dawn 808

Product faq

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About The Brand

Glami was established in 1996. They patented the world's first hangover cure drink formula - Dawn 808. Since then, Glami has continued to build around this mega-hit product. Their product portfolio includes Dawn 1004, Glami Yukhyang, Dendea and Anaju. 

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