Gogiri Makguksu (Perilla Buckwheat Noodles) - 4 Person Kit

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Gogiri Makguksu - Perilla Buckwheat Noodle

Award Winning Perilla Noodles 

Gogiri Makguksu (Perilla Buckwheat Noodles) - 4 Person Kit

We have an exciting treat for you… Meet Gogiri Makguksu!

Living close by, we can personally attest to the delightful flavor of this local noodle shop!

Situated in the remote village of Gogi-ri in Yongin Province, it has earned a reputation for its very-long queues, particularly on weekends (be prepared for a 2 hour wait at the least!).

Indeed, we've patiently stood in line, enduring the wait alongside our mother-in-law!

Makguksu (막국수) is the star here – buckwheat noodles tossed in perilla oil, seaweed powder, and crushed sesame seeds.

Although the taste is simple, there's a beauty in its delicious simplicity.

The combination of perilla oil, seaweed powder, and sesame seeds forms a harmonious blend, delivering a clean, refreshing, and uplifting flavor that complements the buckwheat noodles perfectly.

This dish is particularly popular during hot summer days, drawing enthusiastic crowds from all over.

In March, the shop finally unveiled a packaged kit version in collaboration with the renowned Korean food brand, Ottogi.

If you're a fan of perilla oil, buckwheat noodles, or just looking to savor a delicious yet light Korean noodle dish, this is great!

Each kit contains four single-servings, individually wrapped with all the natural seasonings and garnishes included.

Cooking instructions are provided on the product page.

Give it a try at home, and if you love it, consider visiting Gogiri Makguksu firsthand the next time you're in Korea!

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Product Highlights

  • Gogiri Makguksu's signature noodle dish - made available in home kit!
  • Delicious Korean-Style Buckwheat Noodles mixed with Perilla Oil, Seasoned Soy Sauce, and Dried Seaweed Powder
  • Typically this noodle shop has over 1 hour wait everyday - very famous noodle shop in Yongin, Korea
  • 1 kit comes with 4 individually wrapped serving

Gogiri Makguksu (Perilla Buckwheat Noodles)


4-Person Kit


Each kit comes with four individually wrapped single servings


Each serving contains...

Korean Buckwheat Noodles (1-Person Serving)

1. Ottogi Perilla Oil Packet

2. Soy Sauce Packet

3. Seaweed Powder

4. Sesame Seed Seasoning


Experience the renowned Gogiri Makguksu - this kit is made by the famous shop in Yongin, Korea!

The taste might appear straightforward, yet the combination of perilla seed oil, seaweed powder, and sesame introduces a nuanced and complex flavor profile.

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 11.47.23 AM.png__PID:a06311ab-505a-4422-acf7-2e0c675e22c3

Gogiri Makguksu, a local noodle shop in Yongin (Korea) typically has a wait-time of 2-3 hours!

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 11.47.15 AM.png__PID:35c1e0c7-09d3-401d-9b9c-0820d383c3f9

Healthy, Delicious & Unique Korean Flavor

Buckwheat noodles tossed in perilla oil with seaweed powder and crushed sesame seeds

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Cooking Instructions

1. Boil 1 liter of water in a pot. Once it reaches a boil, gently introduce the buckwheat noodles and let them cook for 4 minutes.

(Note: Avoid stirring right after adding the buckwheat noodles to prevent breaking the noodles into smaller pieces)

(When boiling noodles, foam may rise to the surface and begin to overflow. To prevent overflow, add a small amount of cold water to the pot. Repeat as needed.)

2. After boiling for 4 minutes, drain the noodles in a colander and rinse them under cold water. Then, gently squeeze out the water from the noodles using your hands.

3. Transfer the squeezed noodles to a bowl. Next season them with the provided perilla oil and soy sauce packets. Give it a few good stirs so its well mixed.

4. Next, garnish with the seaweed powder.

5. Next, we'll finish with the sesame seeds packets. BEFORE OPENING the package, gently crush the sesame seeds using your fingers. Then, open the packet and garnish the noodles with the crushed sesame seeds.

6. The noodles are ready; there's no need to stir further. Simply enjoy your meal!

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