[Gwangcheon] Premium Korean Anchovy Fish Sauce


[Gwangcheon] Premium Korean Anchovy Fish Sauce

30 Years of Tradition

[Gwangcheon] Premium Korean Anchovy Fish Sauce

Today, we introduce a new anchovy fish sauce, which we have been using since the start of this year.

It’s produced by Gwangcheon, a renowned Korean seafood company specializing in the production of ‘Jeotgal’ (젓갈), a category of salted preserved seafood in Korea.

For 30+ years, this brand has faithfully preserved the traditional Korean techniques of salting seafood that have been passed down from previous generations.

Anchovy fish sauce is a key seasoning in many of their jeotgal dishes, and let me tell you, it's delicious!

This particular anchovy sauce is brimming with umami, offering a rich and profound flavor that surpasses the mass-produced alternatives commonly found on the shelves of Korean supermarkets.

What we love: This fermented sauce is made using only two natural ingredients: 75% anchovy and 25% sea salt.

No other ingredients - no preservatives, coloring, msg or food additives!

When preparing Kimchi at home or seasoning dishes like Gyeran Jim (Korean steamed eggs), reach for this artisan anchovy fish sauce for a deeper taste.

Or if your Korean stew lacks a touch of flavor, skip the salt and enhance it with the salty, umami goodness of Korean anchovy sauce.

This anchovy sauce is 420mL.

Remember to store it in the refrigerator after opening to maintain its freshness.

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Product Highlights

  • Founded in 1982, Gwangcheon Seafood has more than 30 years of experience in fermenting seafood
  • Korean Anchovy Fish Sauce is made simply, using 2 natural ingredients: Korean Anchovy & Sea Salt
  • Taste the rich and simple umami flavors of natural anchovies, grown in Korea
  • Perfect for making kimchi, seasoning banchans, and Korean soups/stews
  • Available in 420mL glass bottle

[Gwangcheon] Premium Korean Anchovy Fish Sauce

Made by Gwangcheon Seafood, a Korean Jeotgal producer with over 30 years of fermentation experience!

Gwangcheon upholds the longstanding Korean tradition of expertly fermenting and preserving seafood.

All products are made in HAACP-Certified facilities

This anchovy sauce is made with only two ingredients - 75% Korean Anchovy and 25% Sea Salt

No Preservatives, No Artificial Additives, No MSG

Anchovies & salt are from Korea (not imported)

Use this sauce when making spicy Kimchi, flavorful side dishes (banchans), and spicy stews

Where to Store:

After receiving, please store in refrigerator!

Size: 420ml

Full Ingredients List:

Korean Anchovies 75%, Sea Salt 25%

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