[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovy (4 Varieties)

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[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovies (4 Variety)

Premium-Quality, Southern-Coast

[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovy (4 Varieties)

Today, we present you with premium dried anchovies harvested from the southern coast of Korea - off the Chungjeong Coast.

Hae Marlin take prides in the unmistakable quality of their anchovies.

Take one glance and you will immediately notice the difference.

The anchovy skin boasts a silver sheen and the bodies are noticeably firm and undamaged.

The secret behind this excellence lies in their manual processing methods. Hae Marlin refrains from using heavy machinery, instead opting for small-batch production.

Each small batch of anchovies is delicately spread out on the shore, where they can naturally dry under the warm sun and refreshing ocean breeze.

This swift and open drying process effectively eliminates the fishy odor commonly found in bulk-processed factory anchovies.

Hae Marlin firmly believes that this approach ensures the delivery of premium-quality seafood to their valued customers.

If you're searching for the perfect ingredients to prepare Stir-fried Dried Anchovy Banchan (Myeolchi Bokkeum) or Anchovy-Kelp Stock Broth, look no further!

Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large (For Broth Making)

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (England, United Kingdom)
Best quality!!

Incomparable quality — fresh and clean!!

Debora M. (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France)
Great product!

It is so wonderful to get a product this good direct from Korea, as proper soup stock dried anchovies are so hard to find in Europe! It arrived quickly too!

JULIAN S. (Ontario, Canada)
Very very good

It’s hard to find these types of anchovies in some Asian markets where I am from. These bring back my childhood memories. Sooo delicious!

Christine S. (Bavaria, Germany)
Premium Dried Anchoy

Excellent product, really good quality and taste. I will definitely buy this product again. Thanks a lot.

Karen M. (Kansas, United States)

These are SO PURE! Really love these!

Product Highlights

  • Premium quality anchovies - bright silver skin and firm, intact bodies
  • Anchovies harvested off the Southern Sea of Korea, from the Chungjeong Coast.
  • Anchovies are never frozen. Instead, they are completely dried out and then vacuum-sealed
  • Make Stir-fried Dried Anchovy Banchan (Myeolchi Bokkeum) or Korean Stock Broth!
  • Available in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large (Broth)

[Hae Marlin] Premium Dried Anchovy (4 Sizes)

1. Small-Sized Anchovy (110g)

Small-Sized Anchovy (1.5~2.5 cm)

Smaller, friendly size for making Myeolchi Bokkeum

Great for young kids and first-timers

2. Medium-Sized Anchovy (105g)

Medium-Sized Anchovy (3~4cm)

Medium size for Myeolchi Bokkeum

Great if you enjoy slightly larger anchovies

3. Large-Sized Anchovy (100g)

Large-Sized Anchovy (4.5~5.5cm)

Large Size for Myeolchi Bokkeum

(Larger-sized anchovies for those who really like dried anchovy banchans)

4. Extra-Large Anchovy For Broth-Making (90g)

Extra Large-Sized Anchovy - For Broth!

Perfect for Making Korean Anchovy-Kelp Stock Broth

How to make Myeolchi Bokkeum

Storage Tips

After receiving, please store in the freezer

Made in Korea

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About The Brand

Hae Marlin is a traditional fishery in Korea that prides itself on its old-fashioned methods. For 40 years, they have been catching and processing carefully selected seafood by hand, without the use of artificial processes or chemical preservatives. They fish in the crystal-clear, deep waters of Namhae, Hasan Island, and Gunsan, which provide high-quality anchovies, squid, shrimp, and abalone.

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