[Haetnim Maeul] Finely Ground Gochugaru (120g) - For Spicy Broths & Stews

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[Haetnim Maeul] Finely Ground Gochugaru (120g) - For Spicy Broths & Stews

Very Finely Ground, For Spicy Korean Stews

[Haetnim Mauel] Finely Ground Gochugaru (120g)

If you enjoy spicy Korean recipes, you may come across the recommendation to use finely ground gochugaru (고운 고춧가루).

Finely ground gochugaru produces a more vibrant red hue compared to normal, coarse gochugaru.

It is commonly used to give Korean soups, stews, and spicy dishes with broth, such as Tteokbokki, an appetizing spicy-red color.

Fine gochugaru is also preferred when making gochujang from scractch.

(Note: coarse gochugaru is preferred when making Kimchi, marinades, or banchans.)

It is worth noting that in most spicy recipes, fine gochugaru is used in conjunction with coarse gochugaru.

You only need a small amount of finely ground gochugaru to achieve the desired bright red color.

As a result, fine gochugaru is often sold in smaller containers than all-purpose coarse gochugaru.

Today, we would like to introduce Haetnim Mauel’s Fine Gochugaru (120g)!

Haetnim Maeul exclusively uses 100% chili grown in Korea! Not imported from China.

This fine gochugaru has two spice levels:

  • Medium-Spicy (suitable for everyday Korean recipes - we recommend this!)
  • Very-Spicy (made with Cheongyang 청양고추 - suitable for those seeking a bolder, spicy Korean kick)

If you have ever wondered why your spicy Korean dish or noodle lacks the vibrant red appearance commonly found in restaurants, try reducing the amount of coarse gochugaru and adding more of this fine gochugaru instead.

Haetnim Mauel’s Fine Gochugaru is proudly made in Korea.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
LIN C. (Singapore)
Best ever !

This is truly the best Spicy Ground Chillies Powder!
We sprinkle on eggs , cheese toasts, Pizzas, pasta, Hot Chocolate Drinks !
Is truly the best ( is spicy grade )… Yummy Yummy

Wish there is a travel size … for our up coming Holiday . Now we are Addicted !!

Anonymous (England, United Kingdom)

A must for your stews!! Truly enhances the flavor of your dishes

Product Highlights

  • Finely ground gochugaru to season spicy soups and stews like jjamppong or sundubu
  • Fine gochugaru creates a vibrant and appetizing red hue that adds a pop of color to spicy stews
  • Choose between medium (normal) spice or very-spicy level
  • Available in 120g size

[Haetnim Maeul] Finely Ground Gochugaru (120g)

This is finely ground gochugaru!

Finely-ground gochugaru produces a more vibrant red hue than coarsely-ground gochugaru

 It's used primarily to season spicy Korean broths/stews

Haetnim Maeul Gochugaru is made with 100% Korea-grown red chili peppers - not imported from China!

Coarseness: Very Fine 

Full Ingredient List: Korean Chili Pepper (100%)

Size: 120g

Two spice levels are offered:

Spice level: Medium

Suitable for everyone - all Korean recipes

Spice level: Very Spicy

Made using Cheongyang Chili Peppers

For those craving a more fiery, Korean spice!

What's the difference between FINE & COARSE gochugaru?

Fine Gochugaru (고운 고춧가루) - shown left

Used for seasoning spicy Korean soups/stews

Also for dishes like gochujang, jeotgal, tteokbokki, jjamppong

Coarse Gochugaru (굵은 고춧가루) - shown right

Used when making kimchi, spicy korean marinades (양념) & banchans

About Haetnim Maeul

Haetnim Mauel has been producing Gochugaru in Korea for the last 20 years!

They make premium gochugaru using exclusively 100% Korea-grown chilis

Haetnim Maeul takes great care in selecting the highest quality chili peppers for its gochugaru products

The company operates its own R&D center to ensure high standards of quality, flavor, and hygiene

Our facilities are HACCP certified - safe, clean, and undergo routine inspections

We carefully selected our chili peppers, ensuring they had a deep red color and were at least 8cm in length.

After the chili peppers have been harvested, they undergo a thorough washing process

The stems are first removed, then the chilis are dehydrated, and finally screened for quality

Full Ingredients list:

100% Korean Red Chili


Please store in refrigerator for longer-term keeping

Made in Korea

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