[Haru Tea] Korean Sword Bean Tea


[Haru Tea] Korean Sword Bean Tea

100% Korea-Grown, Pesticide-Free

[Haru Tea] Korea Sword Bean Tea

Sword Bean is naturally shaped like a sword (hence the name).

The beans and the encasing pods are packed with nutrition - so both are used for tea. The two are dried, then roasted at high temperature to be prepped as tea.

Sword Bean Tea is particularly famous in Korea for helping people with nasal infections and seasonal allergies like hay fever (비염).

That's because Sword Bean is rich in flavonoids such as Histidine and Vitamin P.

These flavonoids have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects that help to protect cells from pollutants in the air.

So, what does it taste like?

Sword Bean Tea has a soft, deep and subtly-sweet flavor (much smoother than Burdock Tea).

It's perfect for daily consumption - in the morning or before bed.

This tea is made with 100% Korea-grown sword beans (not imported) - and importantly, are grown pesticide-free!

Each bag contains a mix of roughly 70% pods and 30% beans.

How do I make the tea?

For single cup: Drop 1 or 2 pieces into a cup. Then pour-in 300ml of hot water. Add more pieces for a stronger taste.

For larger serving: Boil 2L of water. Drop in 7-8 pod slices + 1-2 whole beans. Bring it to boil. Then reduce to low heat and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Add more pieces for a stronger taste.

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Items well received and packed in a carton box. This is my second purchase as the sword bean tea is really good for our health. I hope the price could be cheaper for me to consider a repeat purchase order...

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