[Hong Ssang Ri] Korean Green Plum (Maesil) Candy


[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil Candy

Tart & Tangy, Traditional Flavor

[Hong Ssang Ri] Korean Green Plum (Maesil) Candy

Today, we offer Hong Ssang Ri's famous maesil in candy form. 

Hong Ssang Ri is one of Korea's most famous maesil (Korean Green Plum) growers.

Her family has been growing premium maesil for the last 3 generations in Jeollanam-do province.

This candy is made using their signature maesil extract liquid.

It has a tart green plum flavor, with a balanced sweetness. 

Place a bag in your car for long drives.

Or at your work desk as a small pick-me-up.

Sample the famous flavor of Hong Ssang Ri Maesil.

1 bag contains 50 pieces.

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Product Highlights

  • Traditional taste of Korean green plum candy
  • Individually wrapped to make it easy-to-eat & share
  • Enjoyable for the whole family - from young kids to grandparents
  • 1 bag contains 50 pieces

[Hong Ssang Ri] Korean Maesil Candy

Made with Hong Ssang Ri's Korean Green Plum Extract

Traditional, Tart & Tangy Flavor

Ingredient List

Sugar, Mulyeot (Korean Malt Syrup), Green Plum Extract, Citric Acid,

Mixed Solution [Green Plum Fragrance (Propylene Glycol, Spirit, Mixed Fragrance, Triacetin, Water, Natural Fragrance)]

Made in Korea

Volume: 300g

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