[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil-Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)

[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil-Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)

One of Korea's Best Exports

[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)

Today, we're excited to bring you one of Korea's top exported food products...

Hong Ssang Ri's Maesil Cheong (Plum Syrup)!

Maesil is Korean Green Plum.

And it's long been used in Traditional Korean Medicine to help with digestion, detoxify the body and boost energy levels.

How is Maesil Extract made?

Hong Sang Ri harvests its maesil when they're green, sour and firm. This is when the fruit is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and citric acid.

The fruit is placed into large, traditional Korean clay pots called Onggis - which are pourous and permeable, helping to stabilize the rate of fermentation.

Fun fact: Hong Sang Ri has been fermenting their maesil in the same Onggi pots for 50+ years!

Then, the maesil is covered with Oligodang Syrup (as opposed to sugar) to start the fermentation process.

With time, liquid extract slowly seeps out, containing the fruit's nutrition.

This liquid extract is left in the pots for a second round of fermentation, further deepening the flavor!

How do I use maesil? 

Many Korean recipes list maesil as an ingredient - as it adds sweetness, along with depth of flavor.

From namul banchans and jangajji (pickled vegetables) to K-BBQ marinades, it's used across many K-food categories.

Maesil Syrup is also frequently used to make a refreshing iced drink.

Simply mix the syrup with carbonated water and top-off with ice - to make maesil-ade!

Hong Sang Ri's family has been growing maesil for the last 3 generations!

Her farm has 2000+ maesil trees in Gyeongnam province.

For decades of hard work, she has also received the distinction by the Korean government as a "grandmaster" in the food category of maesil.

If you don't have maesil in your cooking pantry yet, what are you waiting for?

Available in 420ml.

Store in refrigerator after opening.

Customer Reviews

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Alan (New York, United States)
summer staple

cut up cherry tomatoes and tofu, sprinkle some maesil, top with chopped peanuts and a little cilantro. I could eat this every night.

R.A. (Skåne County, Sweden)
Great product

A really nice plum syrup. Gives a great flavor to your cooking and is just as good to drink as it is. Would definitely recommend!

John (California, United States)

something i appreciate having on deck and can elevate my korean cooking

Michael B.

I haven’t received it yet. It’s been quite a while since I ordered it

Susana B.
Excellent service

The plum extract syrup arrived promptly and is excellent.

Product Highlights

  • Fermented over 6 months in traditional Onggi pots - that's been used for 50+ years!
  • Maesil fermented in two stages - results in a deep, well-balanced flavor
  • Hong Ssang Ri has received distinction asa  "Maesil Grandmaster"
  • This product is one of Korea's top export products! 
  • Use in Korean recipes or to make a refreshing iced drink

[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil Cheong (Plum Extract Liquid)

Maesil has a history of medicinal use

Maesil contains large amounts of citric acid, which helps rid the body of lactic acid and recover faster

Maesil also helps with the secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes, which boosts your gut health

3 Generations of Traditional Onggi Fermentation

Maesil are placed into traditional Korean clay pots (called Onggi) and mixed with Oligodang Syrup at a 7:3 ratio!

The sugared plums ferment for 3-6 months (absolutely no water is added)!

After a while, a liquid extract seeps out the fruit ... containing much of the nutrition

After months of fermentation, the extract liquid develops a deep, well-rounded taste

Use maesil in a variety of Korean recipes

Use maesil when seasoning namul, kimchi, banchans & K-BBQ marinades

... or simply mix it with carbonated water & ice to make iced maesil tea

Hong Ssang Ri carrying-on 3 generations of maesil legacy

Hong Ssang Ri carries on her family's legacy by caretaking 2000+ maesil trees in Gyeongnam Province.

She has received distinction from the Korean government as a "maesil grandmaster"

Her maesil syrup is produced using traditional fermentation techniques  - absolutely no artifiicial additives or preservatives!

Taste the tart, savory, deep flavor of Hong Sang Ri Maesil!

Our maesil trees are grown with the upmost care & attention

The maesil are fermented in traditional Onggi pots - which have been used for 50+ years!

We pride ourselves on tradition, hardwork and honesty

Delicious Recipe: Iced Maesil Ade

Pour a small amount of maseil syrup into a cup

Then add in carbonated water + a few ice cubes

Mix it ... add more syrup if needed

This makes a very refreshing drink!

(Note: You can also use hot water to make a tea)

Ingredient list:

Maesil (70%), Fructo Oligosaccharide (25%), Hong Ssang Ri Maesil Extract (3%), Sugar (2%) 

Maesil is grown in Jeonnam Province, Korea

Nutritional Info

Every 100ml is 312 calories | 1 bottle contains 420ml

Sodium 3mg (0%), Carbohydrates 78g (24%), Sugar 71g, Fat 0g (0%), Transfat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats (0g), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

Storage tip:

Please store in the refrigerator after opening

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