[Ilsang Jingmul] Korean Neck Pillow

[Ilsang Jingmul] Korean Neck Pillow

Proper-Posture, Better-Sleep

[Ilsang Jingmul] Korean Neck Pillow

Today, we're excited to offer Ilsang Jingmul's Korean Neck Pillow!

They specialize in making Korean-style neck pillows. These are different to the western-style, "fluffy" pillows as the pillows are firm - not soft!

Though firm, these neck pillows fully adjust to the unique contour of your neck and promotes consistent airflow so you can maintain a comfortable core temperature (great for hot sleepers). 

A normal, healthy neck has a gentle C-shaped curve.

Place the neck pillow there, under your neck - not under your head!

By firmly supporting the curvature of your neck, your body is able to relax better.

These neck pillows are very popular in Korea as they help maintain proper posture and spinal alignment while napping or resting.

(Note: If you step into any elderly person's home in Korea, chances are you'll see a few of these pillows lying around.)

Ilsang Jinmgmul’s Neck Pillow are filled with premium-grade Hinoki Cypress.

They are made from Cypress trees that grow in Jangheung (South Jeolla Province). This area is renowned in Korea for its large, lush Cypress forests.

What we love about Hinoki Cypress (편백나무) is the natural, forest scent – a refreshing and therapeutic scent that immediately takes you outdoors.

It can also be stuffed with buckwheat hulls, which are locally grown in Bupyeong, Gangwondo.

Buckwheat Hulls offer great support due to its natural firmness and adjustability. 

Either stuffing is encased in an inner pouch that's made with 100% organic cotton.

The outer cover is 100% hand-stitched with premium-grade linen or polyester.

Both can be detached and washed separately in case of a spill.

We think this neck pillow is perfect for leaving on your living room sofa or in the backseat of your car.

Use it when you feel like taking a much-needed nap. Or to rest your chin as you read a book or look at your phone.

(Note: It's not meant to replace your normal bedroom pillow).

Note: If it feels too firm, you can adjust this by taking out some of the filling.

Works well as a gift for friend or family!

Choose from a variety of beautiful fabric colors.

Replacement fillings are also available - for Color, select "N/A" option, then select Filling type.

Gochujar Editor Note: Some fabric colors are made in limited quantities and may not be available throughout the year. If you choose a color that is out-of-stock or no longer made, we will contact you with other options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Munira M. (Al Asimah, Kuwait)

I am happy I purchased it ...take time to get used to it ...but its best quality...

Tiffany D.

I love the support of the pillow! The relaxing cypress smell from it eases stress of the day and or mind for me.

Matt L.
Arrived Yesterday - that fresh forest smell!!

I am very much enjoying my new pillow. It's a new fixture on my sofa now. In truth, I was not sure about it when ordering. But I tried it for the first time to hold my neck when I read a book. As described, it is very firm and surprisingly soothing. I appreciate the craftwomanship of the pillow and the best part, is that smell of the Hinoki! Also, Daniel was great in answering all of my questions about this.

Product Highlights

  • Premium neck pillow - filled with Hinoki Cypress or Buckwheat
  • Place it on your sofa or backseat of your car - keep it handy for supporting your neck while you read a book or take a nap
  • Hand-stitched by an expert seamstress in Korea - made with 100% premium linen & 100% organic cotton
  • Available in variety of colors and 2 fillings
[Ilsang Jingmul]
Korean Neck Pillow
Detailed View

33cm (l) x 8cm (w) x 8cm (h)

Shown below is Deep Forest 

What's the fabric? 

Hand-Stitched, Premium Quality

Ilsang Jingmul is run by an expert, Korean seamstress with 20+ years of experience!

Dozen of fabric swatches were tested before selecting handful of linen/polyester - each are beautiful & comfortable.

The neck pillow are carefully hand-stitched at both ends into a beautiful "origami" fold design. 

The inside cover is made from 100% Organic cotton. 

Choose from Hinoki Cypress or Buckwheat filling for a firm, snug-fit for your neck.

Use it to relieve tightness or for a mid-day's nap!

Select from 2 fillings

Hinoki Cypress (left picture)

  • The wood cubes are made with Hinoki Cypress (편백나무) from Jangheung, South Jeolla province. This area is renowned in Korea for their vast cypress forests.
  • Refreshing, phytoncide aroma  - like breathing air in a lush forest (great for therapeutic sleep)
  • Place under your neck, shoulder or body part to relieve tightness - the cubes will move and conform to your body
  • Each wood piece is shaved smoothly into 1cm cubes - provides firm support

Buckwheat Hulls (right picture)

  • Premium-quality buckwheat from Bongypeong (Gangwon-don province). The hulls are cleaned, dried and sterilized for long-term use.
  • Buckwheat hulls are the traditional filling for Korean neck pillows  - provide firm support
  • The hulls will feel "crunchy"  - easy to re-position inside the pillow, similar to sand, so you can “dig” a space for your neck
  • Place under your neck, shoulder or body part to relieve tightness - the hulls will move and conform to your neck 
  • Avoid storing in humid areas
Select a color

Swipe left & right to see colors - in images below!

How to Use

When do I use this? 

  • When you're on the sofa (or your bed) and want to nap! Place it under your neck.
  • When you're laying down, reading a book or looking at your phone. Tuck it underneath your chin.
  • Place it under your wrist - and give your hands a good stretch!
  • If you're leaning against the arm of your sofa, place it underneath your neck for easy support!

How do I clean this? 

  • Separate the outer cover and place into a washing net. Place on "wool" setting and wash for a short duration. Note: Fine to use laundry detergent but please avoid fabric softener. You can also hand wash & dry.
  • If you accidentally spill liquid into the pillow, open-up the zipper and lay the filling out under the sun to dry. Once they're completely dry, add back into pillow.
  • If the buckwheat feels damp, open the zipper and place the buckwheat out under the sun.
  • Note: Since the inside cover is made from 100% organic cotton, you may see some small grey dots on the fabric. This is natural and not a defect of the product.

How can I adjust the firmness?

  • Open the zipper and remove some filling
How is it packaged?
Optional: Filling Replacement

Hinoki Cypress - Filling Replacement (700g)

Comes in microfiber pouch - simply insert into neck pillow case 

Buckwheat Hulls - Filling Replacement (300g)

Comes in microfiber pouch - simply insert into neck pillow case 

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