[InnisFree] My Real Squeeze Mask - Collection Box (20 Masks)


[InnisFree] My Squeeze Mask (20 Packs)

Squeezed, Cold-Pressed Extract on Masks

[InnisFree] My Real Squeeze Mask - Collection Box (20 Masks) 

Today, we offer InnisFree’s My Real Squeeze Mask (Special 20-mask Set)

InnisFree is one of Korea’s largest & well-known skincare brands - differentiating itself by utilizing natural ingredients from Korea (most of their ingredients are sourced from Jeju Island).

Today, we offer their Special Collection Box - 20-Mask Set.

This special collection contains 10 different types of their My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks (2 of each)

It includes: Green Tea, Rose, Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Manuka Honey, Acai Berry and Rice.

From each of these ingredients, liquid extract is squeezed out via cold-press - no heat, to preserve nutrition and active ingredients.

Then, bio-degradable sheet masks - that are made from eucalyptus fibers (100% cellulose sheets) - are soaked into the freshly-squeezed extracts.

Use these natural masks to deliver hydration and deep nourishment to your face - especially helpful during cold season or dry climates!

Note: The set include water-type (light & fresh feel), essence-type (deeply hydrating) and cream-type (intensely nourishing) masks.

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Product Highlights

  • InnisFree My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks - the extract is derived from natural sources.
  • Nutrients & active ingredients are extracted via cold-press method - preserves original nutrition
  • Sheet masks are made from 100% eucalyptus fibers - biodegradable (environmentally friendly!)
  • 1 Set contains 10 different types (2 of each) = 20 total masks
  • Makes for a simple but thoughtful gift for anybody!

[Innisfree] My Real Squeeze Mask Special Set (20 Packs)

InnisFree Sheet Masks are made from a natural ingredient - 100% Cellulose Sheets!

(Made from Eucalyptus leaves - the fibers are strong (doesn't rip), sticks to skin well and effectively delivers essence to the skin)

*Note: These sheets are bio-degradable, enviornment-friendly

Extract squeezed via cold-press method!

The nutrition from vegetable and fruits are extracted via a cold-press method.

This cold-press method helps to preserve nutrition and active ingredients.

The liquid extract is then soaked into the mask sheets.

Water-Type Mask: Light & Fresh Feel

Green Tea Mask, Tea-tree Mask, Rose Mask

Essence-Type Mask: Deeply Hydrating

Cucumber Mask, Aloe Vera Mask, Manuka Honey Mask, Pomegranate Mask

Cream-Type Mask - Intensly Nourishing

Acai Berry Mask, Rice Mask, Ginseng Mask

This Special Set contains 10 different types of masks (2 of each)

20 masks in total!

Green Tea Mask

#Moisturizing #Calming

Rose Mask

#Moisturizing #Brightening

Tea Tree Mask

#Clean Skin

Aloe Vera Mask

#Moisturizing #Calming

Pomegranate Mask

#Smooth #Glossy

Cucumber Mask

#Moisturizing #Restoration

Manuka Honey Mask


Acai Berry Mask

#Energy #Elasticity

Rice Mask

#Clear Skin

Ginseng Mask

#Vitality #Nutrition 

EASY PEEL - simple design!

There is a small tab at the corner of the sheet mask.  Pull to take the mask off in one simple motion. No need to touch your face. 


Rinse your face. Then apply toner/essence that you regularly use on your dace. Afterwards, tear open a package and carefully apply the sheet mask onto your face. Adjust the positioning so that the mask aligns properly over your eyes, nose, and lip. 


After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet mask and discard. Then gently tap any residual cream or serum into your face (see image). This will help your skin absorb the serum quickly!

(Note: You do NOT need to rinse after applying the sheet mask!)

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About The Brand

InnisFree is a large South Korean skincare brand owned by Amore Pacific. It is also South Korea's first all-natural brand, with many of its  products' ingredients being sourced directly from Jeju Island.  Their philosophy on skincare focuss on health, nature and simple ingredients. 

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