[JejuNFarm] Jeju Honey Yuja Tea (30 Packets)


[JejuNFarm] Jeju Honey Yuja Tea (30 Packets)

Easy to open packets, enjoy anywhere!

[JejuNFarm] Jeju Honey Yuja Tea

Yuja tea (known as Yuja-cha in Korea) is a very popular tea in Korea during the fall and winter months.

It's famous as a home remedy for cold & flu symptoms.

The tea itself looks like a marmalade. It's created by slicing yuja (citron) into thin slices and aging them with sugar until it turns into a sweet, thick and pulpy marmalade.

JejuNFarm does not import their fruit from cheaper, neighboring countries.

Instead, they use Yuja grown locally in Korea's Jeju Island.

The rind (peel) of the Yuja is finely minced into tiny bits and included in the marmalade for extra flavor - providing chewing texture (it's completely fine to munch on as you sip on the tea).

A dash of wild honey - extracted locally from Mt. Hallasan - is also added to the marmalade.

The combination of wild honey with yuja is amazing!

Think tart, slightly sweet, aromatic and very comforting!

The best part about this specific product is that it comes in single-serve packets.

(Typically, Yuja tea is sold in large glass containers and scooped out with a spoon.)

This makes it perfect to fit in your purse or backpack - or a few on your desk.

When you feel cold symptoms coming on, squeeze a packet into a cup and mix with hot water.

You'll feel the citrus aroma and warmth re-energize your body!

One bag contains 30 single-serve packets (750 grams).

Note: This product is shipped to us in Seoul directly from Jeju (in small batches).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan C. (Singapore)

Just nice, not too sweet n love the yuzu pulp. Very convenient packaging. Only down side is that the perforated tear lines sometimes doesn’t wk n a scissors is required.

Henri M. (Centre-Val de Loire, France)
I love it !

I brought it back from Korea. When it was finished I ordered Jeju Honey Citron Tea on the Gochujar eshop. I love the citron taste, it's winter now and I will use it every day on.

Shara R. (England, United Kingdom)

It tastes great! It is wonderful to drink on a cold/snowy day or if you're feeling under the weather. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you Gochujar! Shara (UK)

Ze M.L. (Singapore)
Fast delivery and good

Delivery was fast and product was well-packaged with a note from staff. Convenient and great tasting.

Product Highlights

  • Made with Jeju-Grown Yuza (Grown Pesticide-Free)
  • The marmalade also contains Natural Honey - which is extracted from Mt. Hallasan, Jeju Island
  • Available in easy-to-open packets - take it anywhere 
  • Make hot tea - or spread it over toast or drizzle over greek yogurt!
  • Available in 750 gram bag (30 packets)

[JejuNFarm] Jeju Honey Citron Tea (30 Packets)

Jeju Honey Citron Tea (30 Packets, 750 grams)

Made with Yuja grown in Jeju Island (grown pesticide-free)

Yuja marmalade is mixed with wild honey - harvested from Mt. Hallasan (Jeju Island)

Easy-to-open packets (take it anywhere, on-the-go)

JejuNFarm's Yuja is grown in the pristine climate and nutrient-dense soil of Jeju Island

These Yuja grow plump - packed with Vitamin C, potent antioxidants, dietary fibre and an array of other nutrients.

01. This Yuja Marmalade is made with 2 Jeju-Native Ingredients:

1. Yuja (Citron) - grown pesticide free

2. Wild Honey - harvested in Mt. Jirisan

Includes Natural Peel Bits & Easy To Cut

These packets contain bits of natural Yuja rind - adds texture when you sip on the tea

Packets are also easy-to-cut: pack anywhere, enjoy anytime (especially on the go)

Where should I use Yuja Marmalade?

1. Mix with hot water to make Yuja Tea

2. Spread it over Morning Toast

3. Make Iced Yuja Ade by mixing with carbonated water

4. Garnish over Greek Yogurt for sweet & citrus flavor

JejuNFarm is HAACP certified, Jeju-Origin Certified and ISO/IGO certified

Full Ingredients list:

Yuja Marmalade 50% [Yuja 50%, Sugar 50%], Sugar 34%, Honey 5%, Purified Water 10.2%,  Citric Acid 0.3%, Vitamin C 0.2%, Carboxymethyl Cellulose 0.3%

Nutrition Info (% of daily value):

65.7 calories per stick

1 stick contains:

Sodium 5.9mg (0.3%), Carbohydrates 16.3g (5%), Sugar 14.1g (14.1%), Fat 0.1g (0.2%), Saturated Fat 0.1g (0.7%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0.4g (0.7%)

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