[JF] Korean Wooden Dosirak (3 Varieties)


JF - Korean Dosirak Box

Bring Back The Old Days

[JF] Korean Wooden Dosirak (3 Varieties)

Today, we present to you a special item! A Traditional-Style Korean Dosirak Container made from premium-grade Walnut Wood.

Each one of these dosirak containers is masterfully made. In fact, the container itself is carved out as one whole piece - not glued together. From the beautiful curvature of the box and corners... to the natural contrast in colors of the wood grain... you can feel the beauty when you hold it.

Walnut is a strong, hard and durable wood - typically used for high-end furniture. The wood carves well and holds its shape for decades.

JF uses the highest premium-grade of walnut wood (FAS grade) to make their dosirak containers. This is one of those products that doesn't "wear out" over the years. Rather it ages with time - looking better and better.

With a beautiful container, it doesn't take much to make your food look great. Add in a scoop of rice, along with a few banchans. You'll be excited to open it when lunch time comes around!

Cleaning and storage is simple: Hand-wash with warm water, dish soap and a sponge. Dry it off with a towel. Then store in a cool, dry area. (Note: Don't soak this in water for long periods of time)

Note: All of JF's pieces are finished with Auro Oil - an all-natural oil made from a mix of Sunflower, Rosemary and Orange Oil. It contains no chemical ingredients - it's safe. The oil is applied to the wood to help it breathe and be durable.

When you first open the dosirak, you will notice the oil and wood scent. Leave it out in the kitchen and the scent will dissipate within a week.

This rustic dosirak container is available in 3 designs: Oval, Round & Rectangle.

Customer Reviews

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Grace C. (Connecticut, United States)

Perfect and gorgeous. I want to buy all their products!!!! They look like sculpture fine art.

Product Highlights

  • Premium, Hand-carved Korean Dosirak Containers
  • Made from the most premium grade Walnut Wood (FAS Quality)
  • Smooth feel and texture, with beautifully wood grain marks
  • Easy to wash and store - lasts for decades
  • 3 Designs: Oval, Round, Rectangle Lunchbox

Lid: 200 x 120 x 10 mm
Lunchbox: 200 x 120 x (Exterior) 50 / (Interior) 40 mm
Material: Walnut
Origin: Handmade in Korea


Lid: 200 x 170 x 10 mm
Lunchbox: 200 x 170 x (Exterior) 35 / (Interior) 25 mm
Material: Walnut
Origin: Handmade in Korea


Lid: 250 x 150 x 10 mm
Lunchbox: 250 x 150 x (Exterior) 35 / (Interior) 25 mm
Material: Walnut
Origin: Handmade in Korea


All JF's pieces are finished with a coating of Auro Oil
Aura oil is made with all-natural ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Orange Oil.
It contains no chemicals - safe for you and the environment.

Note: When you first open the dosirak, you will smell this finishing oil and the walnut wood.  
This natural smell gradually fades away with time (~1 week).


1. Do not pour boiling water into this wooden dosirak - may damage the wood
2. Avoid drying out in the sun - may damage the wood 
3. Handwash the dosirak with warm water, dish soap and sponge.
(Avoid soaking the dosirak in water for long periods of time)
4. Dry off immediately with towel - then store in a cool, dry place.


1. These lunchboxes are hand-carved from wood. As such, the wood piece may include knots, tiger patterns, dark sections or color differences between the joints. (These are considered natural marks - not defects.)

2. Since it is hand-made, there may be a slight difference in actual dimension measurements. 

Walnut Knot

Tiger Pattern

Oak Knot

Maple Dark Section

Maple Knot

Color difference near joints

Product faq

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Q: The smell of the wood/finishing oil is strong... does this last for a long time?
Q: Can I use this dosirak container right away?
Q: I can't choose between the 3. Help me!
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

JF is premium woodwork shop from Korea that specializes in kitchenware and serving trays. They use only the highest-quality woods (FAS-grade) and make each of their pieces by hand. Their mission is to create classic, beautiful wood pieces for the modern kitchen & home. 

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