[Jirisan Chereum] 100% Korean Perilla Oil (Unroasted)


[Jirisan Chereum] 100% Korean Perilla Oil - Very Lightly

Korean Perilla Oil, Unroasted

[Jirisan Chereum] 100% Korean Perilla Oil (Unroasted)

Today, we introduce one of Korea’s best-tasting perilla oils!

It’s made by Jirisan Chereum - an owner-operated farm in the pristine base of Mt. Jirisan (Korea).

This perilla oil is made with 100% Korea-grown perilla seeds (not imported from China).

Now, Jirisan Chereum offers different roasts for its sesame & perilla oils (see chart in product page).

The longer the seeds are roasted, the darker in color and the nuttier in flavor the oil gets.

However, with increased roasting time, the more of the seed’s nutrition that is lost.

This specific perilla oil is unroasted.

It has a very-subtle nutty, almost neutral flavor.

Importantly, it contains the highest amount of the perilla seed’s nutrition (packed with Omega 3).

(Perilla seeds naturally contain very-high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, offering anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits, as well as supporting healthy immune functions.)

Where should I use this specific oil? 

This unroasted oil is best for using on raw/cold foods - like salads, yogurts, etc.

Furthermore, Jirisan Chereum does not press its oils in advance.

To ensure the best flavor and maximum freshness, they press their seeds-to-order, making just enough oil to cover daily output.

If you’re interested in perilla oil for its rich Omega-3, this oil contains the highest amount of it.

Offered in 160 & 270ml

After opening, please store this oil in the refrigerator.

Customer Reviews

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J (England, United Kingdom)
Lovely nutty milky taste

I really like this. I was worried it might lack taste as it is un-toasted but it has a lovely distinct slightly nutty milky taste. To be honest It took me after 3rd time eating to like the taste of it as I am more used to the toasted sesame oil taste. I drizzled some to my brown basmati rice with salt. I love the taste now. I also try to put it to lukewarm food and no food that is hot as omega 3 is very fragile to heat.

Super yummy!

Dad loved it! Use it instead of flax seed oil now because it has the highest omega 3 fatty acid content of all seed/plant oils. Puree with organic avocado, organic apple cider vinegar, himalayan sea salt to taste. Is expenseive but 100% worthe the quality. I mean even if you save your money and have bad health and chronic diseases you wont be able to enjoy using those save dollars anyways because youd be too sick. So invest in your health! And enjoy your hard work :)

Product Highlights

  • Unroasted perilla oil - maximum seed nutrition (omega-3)
  • Pressed to order - not made in bulk (fresh & pure taste)
  • Made with 100% perilla seeds - grown in Mt. Jirisan, Korea
  • No preservatives or additives, one-ingredient oil
  • Available in 160 & 270ml bottles 

[Jirisan Chereum] 100% Korean Perilla Oil (Unroasted)

[Jirisan Chereum] 100% Korean Perilla Oil

Made with 100% Korea-Grown Perilla Seeds

Roast level: Unroasted

Use this perilla oil over cold/raw foods like salads, yogurt, etc.

Available in 160ml or 270ml glass container

How it's made:

Korean perilla seeds are first dried

Then pressed into oil using low temperature

This 'unroasted' perilla oil has a light-yellow color (comparison chart below)

Jirisan Chereum offers different roasting levels

This is an 'unroasted' perilla oil

It has a subtle-nutty / almost neutral-oil flavor

It is dried, then pressed immediately (without any roasting)

As a result, this oil contains the highest amount of nutrition

(More roasting = loss of seed's original nutrition)

About the Founder of Jirisan Chereum

Ever since Ms. Jeong Eun (founder) was a child, she carried a big smile on her face

When she opened her farm, locals in the area would comment that her constant smiling made her look naïve and aloof

However, they soon understood the importance of working with a smile - especially during the hardships/economic downturns

Her smile  - and radiant energy - has now became a signature part of Ms. Jeong Eun's ethos of farming  

What makes Jirisan Chereum special?

Our Jirisan Chereum farm is located in one of Korea's most pristine mountain, Mt. Jirisan

The sesame & perilla crops are farmed directly by the owner (and team)

100% Korea-grown!

The sesame & perilla plants in Mt. Jirisan are packed with nutrition!

We've experimented with countless number of temperature & roasting times to find the optimal settings

We're excited for you to try the best-tasting sesame & perilla oil!

We do not press our oils in advance

Instead, we press our seeds-to-order, making enough oil to meet daily orders

This ensures our customers get the freshest, best-tasting oil

Why do we press our oils using a low temperature?

When pressing seeds - at low heat - the oil retains much of the seed's original nutrition

When seeds are roasted too much (burned), harmful molecules like Benzopyrene are produced

Dark-colored glass containers to protect the oil's quality

Sesame & perilla oils begin to deteriorate under heat/sun exposure

To prevent this, our bottles are made with dark-colored glass to reduce UV exposure

Please store bottles in cool, dark areas (away from sunlight)

Ingredient List

Perilla Seeds 100% (Korea-grown)

Nutrition Facts:

Every 100ml contains 862 calories

Sodium 0mg (0%), Carbohydrates 1g (0%), Sugar 0g (0%), Fat 95g (190%), Transfat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats 8g (53%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

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