[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder

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100% Korea-Grown, All-Natural

[Jirisan Chereum] Perilla Seeds Powder

For authentic-tasting Gamjatang (Korean Pork Bone Soup), you want a few heaping scoops of Perilla Seeds Powder.

In Korean, it's called Deulkkae Garu. And it's made by toasting and grinding perilla seeds into a coarse powder. It has a deep, earthy taste with a touch of minty, herbal flavor. The powder works beautifully on spicy Korean stews, Namul dishes and Temple-Style Korean cooking. Perilla Seeds Powder is very high in Omega-3 (ALA), making it a popular ingredient to experiment with in Korean homecooking.

But not all perilla powders are made the same! Jirisan Chereum - unlike large food companies - does not import cheaper perilla seeds from China or other foreign countries. Instead, they grow their own perilla plants 100% in Korea, near the base of Mt. Jirisan (pictures of owner below). The company also roasts its seeds at a low temperature to retain the seeds' full nutritional value.

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Perilla seeds

Product Highlights

  • 100% Korea-grown, harvested near Mt. Jirisan
  • Perilla seeds are toasted at a low temperature - to develop a tasty, nutty flavor without losing nutrition
  • No preservatives or additives - all natural, organic
  • Size is 150 g
Product In Brief

Ingredients List

Perilla Seeds (100%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Before opening, keep in a cool, dry area

    After opening, keep in the freezer!

      What to Make

      Gamjatang (Korean Pork Back-bone Soup)

      Deulkkae Kalguksu 

      Namul Banchans

        About the Brand

        Jirisan Chereum is a regional producer, specializing in cold-pressed perilla & sesame oils. They use only 100% Korean-grown seeds.

          How is it used in Korean cuisine?

          Perilla powder adds a nutty flavor and thickens-up broths. It's used in one of Korea's most popular soups, Gamja-tang (shown left). Or another local favorite, Sundae-guk (Korean Blood Sausage Soup). If you're vegetarian, you can also use it in Deulkkae Kalguksu (Perilla Powder Noodles). In homecooking, it's also used in tossing Namul Banchans.

          Product faq

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          Q: After opening, can I simply store it in my pantry?

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          About The Brand

          Jirisan Chereum is a regional producer that specializes in Sesame and Perilla Oil. They grow their own seeds in Korea - near Jirisan Mountain. Their oils are regarded as super premium-quality and sold in Korean Department Stores.

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