[Jung Won Sam] 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Sticks

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[Jung Won Sam] Korean Red Ginseng Extract Packets

One of Korea's Finest Export Items

Jung Won Sam - 6 Year Old Red Ginseng Extract Sticks

Korean Ginseng is known as "the King of Herbs" for its remarkable healing properties.

Many studies have shown it to be effective in prolonging life and treating specific health issues like ulcers, inflammation, diabetes, high cholesterol, low libido and fatigue - to name a few!

In fact, Korean Ginseng has so many health applications that its scientific name is Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer.

Panax means a "cure-all" in latin.

So which one do I buy? 

Consumers are often advised to look for "6-year-old" certified ginseng products.

That's because younger roots (< 6 years) do not offer the same healing effects - due to how the root produces and stores phyto-molecules called saponins.

When the root matures six years, it contains the highest amount of saponin.

At 7-8 years, the root begins to lose its potency.

What's red ginseng?

Red ginseng is made by steaming and drying fresh white ginseng.

This process locks in the nutrients which would normally degrade in white ginseng over time. That way, when you eat it, you absorb as much of its nutrition as possible.

For these reasons,Korean Red Ginseng is regarded as the most powerful ginseng and sells for a premium price.

Jung Won Sam offers 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng as an easy-to-drink extract.

You can take it straight out the packet or mix it with hot water as tea. 

Jung Won Sam's extract packets have become a mega-hit product in Asia - selling over 17.5 million packets to date!

If you're curious to try premium-grade Red Ginseng, this is it!

Customer Reviews

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Lygaia (Bavaria, Germany)
interesting taste

I have known red ginseng as a food supplement for some years already, but only in the form of capsules with dried powder. This was my first try of liquid red ginseng.
So, I knew the general idea of ginseng taste already from candies etc, but these stick liquids do taste different. Yes, there is the warm, almost earthy taste of ginseng which is delicious but there is lots of other tastes in this too. Due to the herbs included there is a slight bitterness to it, a soft sweetness as well and a general herby taste in the background. It is an uncommon taste for sure but I really like it. (and could easily take way more than just one stick per serving).

Maya (England, United Kingdom)
Good taste - will repurchase

Was super excited to have received this in the post. Have been taking this for the last 10 days. Originally I thought it would be quite strong in medicinal taste but compared to the things I've taken in the past, it's actually really pleasant. I drink it straight out of the packet every morning. :)

Leah (Ontario, Canada)
Will repurchase!

I ordered two of these and took one every once in a while whenever I was feeling tired or felt like I was catching a cold throughout the winter! Good taste too :)

leila h. (South Holland, Netherlands)

Fast delivery and love the ginseng.

Matt L.
3rd repurchase

Bought the 1st one for my mother. She loved it and got me hooked to it too. I take it when I feel like I need energy. Good replacement or coffee, especially after lunch

Product Highlights

  • One of Korea's finest and popular export items
  • Made from 6-year-old, Korea-Grown Red Ginseng
  • Selected as Grand Prize Winner at Korea's Health Supplements Awards 2017
  • Certified as premium-quality and safe & effective by the Korean FDA
  • 1 Box = 10 packets 
  • ★ Gochujar Must-Try Item ★
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About The Brand

Jung Won Sam is a brand owned by health foods company, Nature Garden. Their 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Sticks is a mega-hit product - selling over 19.5 million sticks to date. It also won the Grand Prize at the Korean Health Supplements Awards in 2017.

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