[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Artisan Blended Honey (2 Types)


Kanggae Sangin - Red Ginseng Honey

Premium Blended Honey!

[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Artisan Blended Honey (2 Types)

Today, we offer two special types of Korean Artisan Blended Honey.

The first is a 100% Natural Honey (harvested in Korea) mixed with Korean Bellflower Root Extract. 

Korean Bellflower Root (spelled 도라지 in Korean) is used in traditional Korean medicine (Hanyak). The roots are boiled and the liquid extract is consumed to alleviate common cold symptoms like cough, sore throat, tonsillitis, and chest congestion.

The second is 100% Natural Honey (harvested in Korea) mixed with Premium 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng. 

6-Year-Old Red Ginseng is the most highly-regarded health ingredient in Korea when it comes to natural foods. It's believed to improve overall health, while strengthening the immune system and helping to fight off stress-related symptoms and disease.

The ingredients are blended at just the right amount to produce a wonderful, rich-tasting honey. 

You can take a spoonful of it, straight! 

Or mix with hot (or cold) water to make a tea. 

The red ginseng producer - Kanggae Sangin - has been operating since 1997. They follow traditional Korean cultivation techniques - that has passed down from multiple generations of royal ginseng growers.

With decades of commercial success, Kanggae Sangin is now vertically integrated -owning each part of the supply chain - from farming to packaging and distribution.

This ensures maximum quality!

If you're looking for a special gift for foodies (or people who enjoy teas) - this is a good one!

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Artisan Blended Honey - produced by one of Korea's Premier Red Ginseng Brands
  • Take the honey straight, or mix with water (or milk) for a soothing tea
  • Perfect for days when you're fatigued or have mild cold symptoms
  • Offered in large glass bottles - 730g!

[Kanggae] Korean Artisan Honey
(2 Flavors)

01. Bellflower Root Honey

Size: 1 Bottle (730g)

Ingredients: Wild Honey (83.2%), Bellflower Root Extract (16.8%)

Color: See Below

02. Red Ginseng Honey

Size: 1 Bottle (730g)

Ingredients: Wild Honey (98%), 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Extract (2%)

Color: See Below

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About The Brand

Kanggae is a well-established, reputable red ginseng company in Korea. They utilize traditional methods -  handed down from generation to generation, in cultivating 6-year-old red ginseng roots. This company manages operations at each step of the cultivation process, from planting to harvesting and packaging to distribution - ensuring the best quality products!

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