[Kitchen Style] Handmade Banchan Plates (3-Piece Set)



Handmade, For Beautiful Plating

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Banchan Plates

The best part about Korean meals is of course - the banchans!

A key aspect to banchan culture is the presentation itself. Typically, banchans are served in small quantities, so you can sample a variety without overeating any one dish.

Today, we present Kitchen Style's banchan plates. They are beautifully designed and hand-made by local artisans in Korea (not mass produced in a factory). The plates have a slightly convexed bottom - like a bowl - that pulls the food to the center. They make it easy to stack foods like pan-fried tofu or stir-fried namul.

We personally like these plates because they're fit for everyday use. Easy to clean and not fragile. If you cook Korean food on a regular basis, consider adding a few banchan plates to your kitchen cupboard.

Available in 2 sizes: small & large. And offered in sets of 3 pieces.

Customer Reviews

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Simply stunning

Absolutely adore these banchan plates. Excellent quality and design, very much looking forward to using them!

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, handmade banchan plates
  • Unique design - convexed bottom to make it easy to center align foods.
  • Perfect for serving banchans, alongside a bowl of fresh hot rice
  • Available in two sizes - Small & Large | Set comes with 3 plates
Small Banchan Plate (11 cm)
Large Banchan Plate (13 cm)

Product faq

Q: I'm having trouble deciding between the two sizes.
Q: How should I wash this?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

Kitchen Style is a local ceramics shop that specializes in kitchenware and lifestyle products. Their signature kitchenware is handmade by local artisans - premium quality & practical for everyday use. 

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