[Kitchen Style] Handmade Bibimbap Bowl


Kitchen Style - Handmade Bibimbap Bowl

For Rice Bowls & Bibimbap

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Bibimbap Bowl 

Today, we present a beautiful ceramic bowl for serving rice bowls or Bibimbap!

Kitchen Style's Bibimbap Bowls are handmade, one-by-one by Korean artisans. They have a unique design point - a thick circular ledge on the bottom to balance out the wide surface area on top. This wide surface provides a classic yet simple presentation for most rice dishes. But can also be used to plate pasta, salad or stir-fries.

The Bibimbap Bowls are made from Korean clay and baked at an extra-high temperature. They have a good weight to them as well as a premium feel. We personally like these bowls because they're fit for everyday use. Easy to clean and not fragile! If you regularly cook rice bowls or stir-fries, consider adding a few bowls to your kitchen cupboard.

Customer Reviews

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Mette L.

Simple design and large enough to hold any bowl dish. Love them.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, handmade bibimbap ceramic bowl
  • Unique design - bowl has a raised circular ridge on the bottom 
  • Perfect for serving bowl of bibimbap (or mixed noodles) 
  • Available in Earthy White color
Available in Earthy White

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About The Brand

Kitchen Style is a local ceramics shop that specializes in kitchenware and lifestyle products. Their signature kitchenware is handmade by local artisans - premium quality & practical for everyday use. 

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