Korean Baby Robe (Benet Jogori) - 5pc Essentials Set



Korean Baby Robe (Benet Jogori) - 5pc Essentials Set

100% Organic Cotton, GOTS-Certified

Korean Baby Robe (Benet Jogori) - 5pc Essentials Set

In Korea, it's customary to dress newborns in a simple robe called Benet Jogori (배냇저고리).

The robe is closed via ties on the outside (similar to hanbok) to make it easy to change babies throughout the day.

Today, we are introducing a 5-Piece Newborn Baby Essential Set that's perfect for gifting expecting mothers.

It includes the following:

  • Korean Baby Robe (Benet Jogori)
  • Baby Swaddle Wrap
  • Baby Beanie
  • Baby Mittens
  • Baby Socks

This Benet Jogori is made of 100% Organic Cotton, which is widely known as the best fabric for newborns as they have extra-sensitive and fragile skin!

With cotton in high demand, sometimes cotton farmers use additional chemicals or pesticides that can end up on the cotton fibers and cause skin atopy and allergic reactions for newborns.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, or genetically modified seeds, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice.

This organic cotton is also GOTS-Certified, a global organic certification with extremely specific and rigorous criteria!

(A clothing product carrying the GOTS label grade 'organic' must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers. It also has to receive passing marks in Environmental, Technical Quality, Human Toxicity, and Social criteria.)

Furthermore, this organic cotton is not bleached, whitened, coated, or softened with any toxic chemicals during its entire lifecycle, from cotton seed to baby clothes.

100% Baby Safe!

Take a look at the design.

It's simple and beautiful with two classic Korean ties on the outside of the robe.

The stitching is also done meticulously, especially near the shoulders, to avoid any friction against the baby's delicate skin.

    • Unisex - for boys or girls
    • Size: For infants, aged 0-3 months (maximum 6 months)

Washing Note: It's best to handwash in warm water with baby-safe detergent. Do not place in the dryer. Instead, hang-dry in a shaded area (avoid direct sunlight to prevent shrinkage).

More details listed in the product page below.

This is a perfect Korean-style gift for expecting mothers!

Made in Korea.

Customer Reviews

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M H. (District of Columbia, United States)
exquisite baby gift

I purchased this for a neighbor. Who can resist this adorable set? I love that it is GOTS certified. Truly a beautiful set to welcome a precious baby.

Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS-Certified)
  • 100% baby safe - free of chemicals, bleach (whitening agents) or any toxic materials! 
  • 5-Piece set that includes all the essentials pieces for new mothers!
  • Beautiful yet simple Korean design (benet jogori)
  • Premium grade, made in Korea!

Korean Baby Robe (Benet Jogori) - 5pc Essentials Set

5-Piece Set - the essentials for newborns!

1. Baby Korean Onesie (배냇저고리)

2. Baby Swaddle Wrap

3. Baby Beanie

4. Baby Mittens

5. Baby Socks

1. Baby Korean Onesie (배냇저고리)

Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton!

Premium 100% organic cotton

 GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Cotton fibers are certified organic- grown without the use of harmful chemicals!

Made with 0% hazardous chemicals

No release of chemicals when washed - safe for baby

Packaging is enviornmentally friendly

No whitening agent used - chlorine free!

For newborn skin, whitening chemicals may cause irritations - leading to skin atopy & allergy reactions.

The whitening residue may also leach off the cotton and be consumed by the infant

This is why we do not use any whitening agents for our baby clothes!

2. Baby Swaddle Wrap

A thin wrap to keep babies snug - helps minimize the startle reflex and replicates the coziness of the womb 

3. Baby Beanie

4. Baby Mittens

5. Baby Socks

Size Info:

Size: 60 (Euro size, cm in height)

Made for newborns: 0-3 months (max 6 months)

Focus on the details

The inside of the shoulder sleeves are carefully stitched - to prevent any irritation to the baby's new skin

The absence of side seams allows the newborn to feel even more comfortable

Classic Korean Design - two bowties to fasten the robe (no metal or snap-on buttons) 

Set comes wrapped in neatly in recyclable paper (no plastic)

We believe in environment friendly, sustainable packaging

How to Wash

We recommend hand-washing, then hanging out to dry in shaded area!

Normal detergent may contain whitening (bleaching agents), so please wash infant clothes separately - with baby-safe detergent

Wash in 30-40°C (86-104°F) warm water

Then gently squeeze water out with hands - do not twist the clothes and squeeze (can damage cotton fibers)

Hang out to dry in shaded area (not directly in sun)

It may shrink during washing because it has not undergone chemical shrink-proof treatment

Do not boil clothes or place in drying machine - will damage fabric!

If you wish to iron after drying - please do so on a low-to-medium heat

Detailed Information

Made in Korea

Material: 100% Organic Cotton (Double Jacquard)

Fabric elasticity: Normal

Made for ages: 0-3 months (max 6 months)

Color: White Ivory

GOTS Organic Certification: CU-853802

KC Baby Product Safety Certification: CB017A102-7001

Raw Material: KOTITI Suitability Certification 82171001129815

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