[KwangJuyo] Wolbaek White Moon Series - 2 Person Set (6pcs)

[Kwangjuyo] Korean Ceramics Wolbaek Series

Joseon Dynasty, Milk White Porcelain

[KwangJuyo] Wolbaek White Moon Series - 2 Person Set (6pcs)

Today, we introduce a classic rice & soup bowl set by Kwangjuyo for 2 people.

This is the Wolbaek White Moon Series.

It draws inspiration from Korea’s 18th Century Joseon Dynasty - specifically from the Royal Court's Kiln.

White Porcelain Jars or Moon Jars (달항아리) embodied the art & beauty of Joseon White Porcelain.

This Wolbaek Collection draws inspiration from these Joseon Moon Jars.

The rice and soup bowls take on the characteristic spherical form - with a transparent glaze and a round mouth that is larger than the base.

Each piece is gracefully rounded, with a milk-white surface.

They are handmade in Korea.

This 2-Person Essentials Set comes with 6 pieces:

  • 2 x Wolbaek Moon White - Rice Bowl
  • 2 x Wolbaek Moon White - Rice Bowl Lid
  • 2 x Wolbaek Moon White - Soup Bowl 

This Wolbaek collection provides a touch of elegance, beauty & tradition when serving Korean Food!


Founded in 1963, Kawngjuyo was the first to successfully commercialize traditional-style Korean ceramics and bring it to the masses.

During Japanese Occupation, Korea was in a recession and many porcelain artisans & operations disbanded. After Liberation, Kwangjuyo’s founder - Master Cho Sosu - pursued his vision to re-gather the nation’s best ceramic artisans. They would setup operations in Gwangju to revive traditional-style Korean porcelain making.

The group was successful and became the first to commercialize traditional-style Korean ceramics.

Kwangjuyo uses its own proprietary clay, made from a blend of premium sentiments from across Korea. The clay is aged for months to prevent cracking during the glazing process (more info in the video).

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Product Highlights

  • KwangJuyo is one of Korea's premium ceramic ware brands
  • Wolbaek Series - inspired by 18th Century Joseon Dynasty Ceramics
  • 2-Person set - includes 2 Rice Bowl + 2 Lids + 2 Soup Bowls 
  • Each ceramic piece is handmade in Korea

[KwangJuyo] Wolbaek White Moon - 2 Person Set (6 pcs)

Wolbaek White Moon Essentials - 2 Person Set (6 pcs)

This 6-pc set comes with the following:

- 2x Rice Bowl + 2x Lids

- 2x Soup Bowl

Wolbaek White Moon - Rice Bowl (with Lid)

Ceramic Dimensions

Rice Bowl - 11cm (diameter) x 6 cm (height)

Rice Lid - 11cm (diameter) x 3 cm (height)

Wolbaek White Moon - Soup Bowl

Ceramic Dimensions

Soup Bowl - 14 cm (diameter) x 7 cm (height)

Product Notice

Safe for use in microwave & dishwasher 

Do NOT use in oven or stove

As a handmade item, there may be subtle difference in color, size or shape

As a handmade item, there may be subtle scratches, dings or glaze marks - does not qualify as a damaged item

About Kwangjuyo

Kwangjuyo is a luxury ceramic brand based in Korea, that brings forward the craftsmanship and artistic beauty of ceramics from the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty.

How Kwangjuyo Makes Its Ceramics (EATER)

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