[Kwon Young Won] Traditional Gochujang (400g)


[Kwon Young Won] Traditional Gochujang (400g)

High Gochugaru Content, Made in Gangwon Province

[Kwon Young Won] Traditional Gochujang (400g)

Today, we introduce an absolutely delicious gochujang by Master Kwon Young Won, crafted in the heart of Gangwon Province.

This Gochujang is a true culinary gem, meticulously prepared with entirely natural ingredients sourced exclusively from Korea.

Take a look at the ingredients list:


  • Gochugaru (40%)
  • Meju Powder (13%)
  • Salt (13%)
  • Milkvetch Root Powder (7%)
  • Korean Corn Jocheong Syrup (13%)
  • Brown Glutinous Rice (11%)
  • Malt Barley (3%)

What we love about this recipe is the generous amount of Gochugaru (Korean red chili flakes) that’s used - it makes up almost 40% of the entire ingredients list!

(It's the highest percentage used among any of the artisan brands we carry.)

It evokes the old-school bold taste of the countryside - much like the gochujang enjoyed by our grandparents.

Better yet, this gochujang is also mixed with another special ingredient - milkvetch root powder (황기)!

Milkroot vetch is considered to be one of the fundamental herbs in Korean Traditional Medicine, highly regarded for its numerous health benefits.

Not only does it add a deep, rich flavor, but it is also packed with nutrition!

Tasting Note: This gochujang has a very clean back taste - not as earthy as other artisan gochujang. It’s very enjoyable and dare I say, one of our absolute favorites.

This gochujang works wonderfully as a base for spicy Korean sauces, such as bibimbap sauce or spicy meat marinades.

Or, it can be used as a dip to accompany freshly cut vegetable sticks.

Offered in 400g.

Please store in refrigerator.

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Product Highlights

  • Traditionally fermented artisan gochujang - produced by food master Kwon Young Won
  • Made with all-natural ingredients - no added sugar, MSG, preservatives or other additives!  
  • Made with generous amount of Korean gochugaru (40%) -  gives it a deep, traditional spicy flavor that sets it apart from other cheaper gochujang brands
  • Available in one size: 400g

[Kwon Young Won] Traditional Gochujang (400g)

Made with all Korea-grown ingredients

Free of additives, msg or preservatives: all-natural, artisan-produced gochujang!

Clean Back Taste, Deep-Umami and Bold Spicy Flavor

Full Ingredients list: 

Gochugaru (40%), Meju Powder (13%), Salt (13%), Milkvetch Root Powder (7%),  Korean Corn Jocheong Syrup (13%),  Brown Glutinous Rice (11%),  Malt Barley (3%)

Master Kwon Young Won is renowned for her expertise in Traditional Korean Foods

- Chairman of Jeongseong's Traditional Foods Research Association

- Winner of the Pyeongchang Olympics Selection for Korean Foods for Athletes in 2015

- Featured as team leader for Gangwon Province on Olive TV's "Korea Traditional Foods 3" show

- Received the Gold Award in 2014 Korea International Foods (Using Gondre Namul for her winning dish)

- Featured in TV shows like KBS's "Hansik Collection" (2018) and "Korean Table" (2011)

Tasting Note: 

The texture of this gochujang is slightly runnier than what is typically expected from 'sticky' gochujang

Leaves a very clean and refreshing after-taste, with a deep-umami spice

Great for making Korean sauces or marinades (like bibimbap sauce)

It's also perfect for enjoying as a dip with vegetable sticks such as carrots or cucumbers

Vacuum-sealed for freshness and taste

Please store in refrigerator after opening

Detailed Information



Full Ingredients list:

Gochugaru (40%), Meju Powder (13%), Salt (13%), Milkvetch Root Powder (7%), Korean Corn Jocheong Syrup (13%), Brown Glutinous Rice (11%), Malt Barley (3%)

Storage Info

Store in refrigerator

Made in Korea

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