[Lihan] Korean Areum Pot - Ttukbaegi


Lihan - Korean Areum Pot - Ttukbaegi

Zero-Absorption, Beautiful, For Homecooking

[Lihan] Korean Areum Pot - Ttukbaegi

Introducing the Lihan Areum Pot Ttukbaegi!

This Ttukbaegi consistently ranks among the Top-3 Most Sold Ttukbaegis in all of Korea - for households!

Why, you ask?

It possesses all the features necessary for Korean homecooking!

Unlike traditional Ttukbaegis, this one can be washed with dish soap without any concerns.

Typically, traditional Ttukbaegi have highly porous surfaces and tend to absorb liquids (like dish soap), releasing them back into the food during cooking.

However, Lihan’s Ttukbaegi is crafted from a dense, non-porous clay that resists liquid absorption. This makes cleanup a breeze - tackle tough stains and food particles with dish soap and a sponge, just like your other dishes.

Secondly, it's built tough!

Constructed from a blend of Korean Ceramic Clay and Petaline, it boasts remarkable durability. You'll sense the quality when you hold it - slightly heavy, solid, and designed to stand the test of time.

And of course, it's lab-certified free from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic.

Thirdly, its design is beautiful.

Drawing inspiration from nature, waves radiate outwards from the center of the lid.

It's a simple, minimalist, and elegant addition to any kitchen.

Available in 2 colors: Blue and Gray.

Also offered in 3 sizes: 12cm, 16cm, 18cm.

The petite 12cm size is recommended for single servings of soup or stew (or smaller dishes like Korean Steamed Eggs - 계란찜).

The larger sizes are perfect for communal cooking - further details can be found on the product page below.

If you seek a top-quality, beautiful Ttukbaegi designed for daily use at home, look no further!

100% Proudly Made in Korea.

Safe for use on... gas stovetops, electric stovetops, hot-plates, microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

However, this will NOT heat on Induction stovetops... for Induction-Compatible version, click here.

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Product Highlights

  • Consistently ranked in Top-3 Best-Selling Ttukbaegi in Korea (for household use)
  • Absorption-Free Ttukbaegi - safe to clean with dish soap
  • Worry-free cookware, hygienic, anti-bacterial surface
  • Beautiful, nature-inspired design
  • Available in 2 colors & 3 sizes

[LIHAN] Korean Areum Pot - Ttukbaegi


Hygienic, Anti-Bacterial, Zero-Absorption

Consistently ranks as one of Korea's Top-3 Best Selling Ttukbaegi (for household use)

Healthy, Natural Pot - Korean Clay & Petalite


✔️  Worry-free cookware, hygienic, anti-bacterial surface

✔️   100% Made in Korea - high quality, durable build

✔️  Made using native ceramic clay from Korea

✔️  Circulates far-infrared heat throughout entire pot - makes for better taste!

✔️ Nature-inspired, minimal design


Lihan is the premium ceramics line by Living Hankook 

Each pot is handmade by skilled Korean artisans - with exceptional quality &  finish

Each pot undergoes a comprehensive inspection prior to packaging.

100% Made in Korea


Lihan pots are crafted using a dense, non-porous clay that does not absorb any substances - including dish soap or food particles

This means that unlike traditional ttukbaegi pots, there is no problem in washing these pots with dish soap

Makes cleanup a breeze!


Traditional Ttukbaegi (Left) vs. Lihan Ttukbaegi (Right)

When Traditional Ttukbaegis (left) are washed with dish soap, they absorb the soapy residue and release it when cooking

With Lihan Ttukbaegi (right), no soapy residue is absorbed - so no soapy residue is visible

Lab results indicate pots are free of heavy metals and are anti-bacterial

No lead, cadmium, arsenic (or other heavy materials) are detected

Surface found free of bacterial growth

Our Ceramic Clay is combined with Premium-Grade Petalite

(Petalite is a type of mineral found naturally in the earth)

✔  Petalite has a high melting point and excellent thermal stability

It enables our Ttukbaegi Pots to withstand high heat and efficiently retain heat without cracking

✔  It can also withstand sub-zero temperatures as well

With leftover stew, you can store the clay pots direclty in the refrigerator - no cracking!

✔  High-Durability & Non-Staining 

Petalite is resistant to many chemicals and acids - can cook any type of strong ingredients without worry of stains/abosrption

Nutrients Cooked Inside, Stay Inside!

The ergonomically designed pot and lid, combined with unique and natural methods of finishing, radiate far-infrared heat and condense steam naturally

This gentle heat, as previously mentioned, preserves even the most delicate nutrients that are easily damaged when cooking in conventional cookware

Design, Inspired by Nature

The ripples begin at the center of the knob and spread outward towards the perimeter, resembling the effect of a drop in water.

Smooth yet subtle lines that make this a beautiful piece to your kitchen!

Available in 2 colors:

Blue, Gray

Available in 3 sizes:

12 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm

Which size should I get?

12cm size (300ml)

Holds a 1-person serving - use it to serve individual portions

Or make dishes... like Gyeran Jjim (Korean Steamed Eggs) or Strong Deonjang Jjigae (강된장)

16cm size (870ml)

Holds up to 1-2 person servings - use it as a communal pot 

18cm size (1200ml)

Holds up to 2-3 person servings - use it as a communal pot 


Works on: Gas, Electric, Hot-Plate

However, it does NOT work on Induction Stovetops!

Also safe for use in oven, microwave, dishwasher & refrigerator


Raw Materials: Ceramic Clay, Petalite

Made in Korea


Do not heat the Ttukbaegi without anything in it! 

Use the soft side of a dish sponge when washing

After washing, make sure to completely pat-dry the underside of the pot as well

When washing, do not keep the pot soaking in water for extended periods of time

Avoid cooking foods that require alot of oil in the Ttukbaegi Pot (i.e. frying)

If you kept the pot in the refrigerator, avoid re-heating it right away. Let it warm-up to room temperature first.

If there are leftover food bits stuck to the pot, use a bit of vinegar & baking soda - then scrub it off with a dish sponge

Exercise caution when handling a heated Ttukaegi. Wear oven mitts and carefully place it on a pot holder to prevent any damage to your dining table.


Due to the nature of the handcrafted process, there may be minor imperfections. These could include runny glaze marks, small scratches/dings or dents.

These imperfections do not qualify the item as being "damaged" and are not eligible for return or exchange

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