[Lock & Lock] DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition)

[LocknLock] DosiLock Professional Edition

Mix & Match Korean Meals

[Lock & Lock]聽DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition)聽

Today, we're excited to聽bring you Lock & Lock's聽new...聽DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition).聽

This is聽the聽best Korean dosirak lunchbox聽out on the market.聽

It comes with 3 stackable food containers - one for rice, one for main dish and another for utensils.聽

What makes it special?

One of the lids has an "air-tight" seal - making it leak-proof! Use it to pack liquids like聽soups, jjigae or curry - without worry.

What's great is that the lids are interchangeable - you can聽swap the air-tight lid onto the bigger food container if the main menu聽is say... curry or jjigae.聽

The airtight lid is also made聽with Tritan material - which is strong and impact-resistant. It will not stain from strong foods either - making it hygienic, clean and long-lasting (BPA-free).

The lunchbox set also comes with a 1/3-sized banchan container - which you can use to separate wet sauces from dry foods. Perfect for storing salad dressing, dipping sauces or saucy banchans!

This Professional Set also includes a pair of stainless-steel Korean chopsticks & spoon. It's聽firmly held聽in place with a silicon band - which makes it noise-free!聽

No more聽sound of聽clanking utensils when walking with your lunch-pack!聽

Finally, it also includes a durable, elastic band - which holds all three聽stacked containers firmly in place.

Lock & Lock has聽internalized customer feedback over the years - and聽introduced a professional dosirak lunch box that checks all the boxes!

Available in 1 color combination: Yellow & Gray

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Product Highlights

  • LocknLock's latest dosirak lunchbox (professional edition)
  • Comes with a separate banchan container - separate wet & dry foods
  • Includes an airtight lid - no spilling or leakage!
  • Lunchbox lids are interchangeable - mix & match!
  • Even includes stainless-steel chopsticks & spoon
  • Comes with an elastic band - to keep stacked containers in place
[LocknLock] DosiLock
Professional Edition

Dimensions & Weight

Size: 19.5 cm x 8.6 cm x 13.7 cm

Weight: 380g

This DosiLock Professional includes: 

Large Food Container x 1

 Small-Food Container x 1

Utensil Container (includes chopsticks & spoon) x 1

Small 1/3 Banchan Container x 1

Air-Tight Lid x 1 (fits on any container)

 Snap-on Lids x 2 (fits on any container)

 Flexible Band

Safe for microwave

Safe for freezer

Safe for dishwasher

BPA Free!

Stores Easily

The lunchbox lids are interchangeable! 

Each lid - including the air-tight lid - fits on any food container!

Pack any type of food - without worry of spilling or leakage.

The air-tight lid is made with Tritan

Yes, the airtight lid is leak-proof!

It's made with strong (impact-resistant) Tritan, which does not stain - it's hygienic, clean and long-lasting!

Tritan material is BPA-free - also does NOT contain BPS or any other bisphenols

Easy to wash & clean!

Even the inner seal is removable - so you can thoroughly clean (if any sauces get stuck in the gap)

1/3 Sized Banchan Container

A banchan container that fits inside any of the food containers

Use it for salad dressing, sauces or banchans - keeps food from mixing

Noise-Free Utensils!

The spoon and chopsticks are held firmly with a silicone band - makes no noise when walking!

Carry your lunchbox around without the noise of loose utensils. 

Elastic Band

A durable, elastic band is included to keep all 3 containers stacked on top of each other.

Band it, then place it into your bag!

Functional Packaging

The lunchbox comes packaged in a "functional" cardboard sleeve.

Don't toss it out - it can be folded into a make-shift handphone stand.

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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