[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

Made with Premium Paju Soybeans

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

Today, we offer Master Kim Ku Won’s Traditional Gochujang!

This gochujang is made, starting with a layer of fermented meju powder - using premium Jangdan Soybeans

(Jangdan Soybeans are regarded as one of the most premium soybeans in Korea - it’s highly regarded for its deep taste and outstanding nutritional value.)

The fermented powder is then mixed with spicy gochugaru flakes and barley powder to from the core spicy, earthy & salty flavor. 

It's then subtly sweetened with wild honey & malt barley - and left to ferment the traditional way.

All of the ingredients are grown in Korea - not sourced from China. 

This result is a very spicy & deep-flavored gochujang paste!

It packs much more flavor than than the mass-produced (MSG-added), cheaper gochujang brands you see on the shelves at Korean markets.

Best of all, it contains NO MSG, preservatives or additives.

Note: Kim Ku Won is a Korean food master that’s built his brand on fresh, artisan-made tofu.

Their signature tofu is also made with the same Jangdan Soybeans.

1 jar of Gochujang contains 500 grams.

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Product Highlights

  • Made with premium Paju Jangdan Soybeans!
  • 100% non-gmo, Korean-grown soybeans (pesticide-free)
  • Gochujang made with gochugaru, wild honey & meju powder (all Korea-grown)
  • Free of MSG, preservatives, additives and artficial coloring 
  • 1 jar contains 500 grams

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

Includes Paju Jangdan Soybeans

During the Dynasty Days,  Jangdan Soybeans were designated as the most premium by Korea's Royal Court

For this gochujang, Paju Jangdan Soybeans are boiled, mashed, & then dried into a fermented soybean powder (aka meju powder)

Deep-tasting, spicy & balanced flavor

Meju powder is mixed with gochugaru flakes & barley powder - to build an earthy, spicy base layer

Then its naturally sweetened with bee honey & malt barley for balanced flavor!

Use it to make a bowl of bibimbap or spicy jjigae (stew)!

Use this traditional gochujang for bibimbap or spicy jjigae!

It's healthy & delicious - and made with all-natural Korean ingredients!

(Contain NO MSG, preservatives, artificial coloring  or chemical additives)

Made from 100% NON-GMO, Korea-grown soybeans

Gochujang is made following traditional Korean techniques

Our production facility is HACCP-certified

Received official label as "Traditional Korean Food"

Pesticide-free certification

Ingredient list:

Gochugaru (35%), Wild Honey (9%), Meju Powder (10%), Barley Powder (10%), Malt Barley (5%),  Salt (8%), Water (23%)

 All ingredients are grown in Korea

Storage tip:

Please store in the refrigerator

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