[Medi Heally] Herb-On Pack (Menstrual Cramp Relief)

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[Medi Heally Herb-On Pack (Menstrual Cramp Relief)

Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief

[Medi Heally] Herb On Pack

The Medi Heally Herb On Pack was honored with the 1st place title at Olive Young's 2016 Healthy & Beauty Awards.

Well, that's not all. Over 17 million packs have been sold in Korea!

So, what makes it so incredibly popular?

The secret lies in its ability to alleviate menstrual pain.

These packs contain a blend of five medicinal herbs that emit targeted heat to the lower abdominal area for up to six hours.

This heat helps soothe contracted lower abdominal muscles and alleviate cramps.

This herbal steam therapy has garnered high praise from countless women in Korea who suffer from lower abdominal cramps.

The Herb On Pack includes five types of safe, medical herb ingredients: Rosemary, Mugwort, Lavender, Chameleon Plant & Chamomile.

The patches have recently undergone a redesign, making them thinner so that they are unnoticeable when applied to inner clothing. Additionally, they now have 30% more surface area.

If you regularly experience painful cramping before or after your period, these packs are a worthy consideration for fighting back!

\Note: This pack is also beneficial for women who often feel cold in public spaces or frequently experience indigestion.

It's good habit for women to keep their lower abdomen warm to ensure overall health and vitality.

Available in two options: A single box containing 10 patches and a monthly pack with 30 patches.

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Product Highlights

  • Safe & effective herbal heat patch - perfect for providing relief from menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen area
  • Over 17 million packets sold to date!
  • Patch gradually heats the lower abdomen to a temperature of 53°C without causing any skin irritation or sweating
  • Maintains a comfortable level of heat for up to 6 hours, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness!
  • Available in Single Box (10 Packs) or Monthly Box (30 Packs)

[Medi Heally] Herb-On Pack

The Original, No.1 Herb-On Pack!

Our herb-on pack has been redesigned - it is now thinner and 30% wider, providing maximum relief!

Medi Heally is Korea's #1 Brand for Body Packs

Over 17 million packets sold to date!

Most recognized korea brand for menstrual relief body packs

Use Herb-On Herbal Steam Pack on these days...

When you are experiencing menstrual cramps, pain, throbbing in your waist, back, or lower abdomen

When you want to minimize the impact of menstrual-related body aches on your day

When you want to exercise more comfortably while on your period

The Herb-On Pack has been re-designed & upgraded! 

Each patch is thinner, wider, and longer-lasting!

Thinner & Wider!

The surface area has increased by 30%, while also becoming thinner!

It goes unnoticed when stuck on top of undergarment.

Additional Aromatic, Herbal Oil

Additional drops of premium-grade herbal essence have been added

5 Soothing Herbal Ingredients

Includes 5 soothing, warming herbs

100% of our customers stated that the herbal, warming patches reduced overall discomfort and irritability

Average Discomfort Level During Menstrual Cramping: 4.8

Average Discomfort Level After Using Warming Herbal Patch: 1.8

Survey conducted from June 11 to June 20, 2015 (27 respondents)

How does it work? 

During menstruation, many women experience menstrual cramps. These cramps cause a tightening sensation in the lower abdomen and result in throbbing pains.

Our patches provide a long-lasting, herbal steaming effect that soothes your lower abdomen area.

The herbal steam therapy improves blood circulation in the affected area and alleviate pain or throbbing.

Stick a patch on top of your underwear (or innerwear) - it will gently soothe cramps without causing any skin irritation

Available in 2 sizes

10 packs 

30 packs

Our newly released herb steam patches are thinner & wider!

The 3 mm width is very thin and is not noticeable when worn under clothes

30% increase in size results in more surface space for maximum soothing

What is inside each herbal, steaming packet?

Each packet contains five types of medicinal herb...

 + Heating Element

+ Heating Stimulator

The heating elements and stimulators activate when the sticker seal is removed

The heat activates the soothing and calming properties of the herbs, providing warmth and relaxation to your body

The Magic Sealing™ Seal prevents the herbal aroma from being activated

When the seal is removed, the herbal aroma is activated and the heating process begins!

We selected a specific blend of 5 herbs, designed specifically for women


Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties - traditionally used for headaches, sprains, muscle soreness


Mugwort is commonly used in Traditional Korean Medicine - used for joint pain, indigestion and menstraul cramps


Lavender is packed with calming essential oil that can quickly calm the mind and uplift mood

Chameleon Plant

Chameleon Plant has long been used a remedy for skin conditions, as it containas antibaterieal and anti-inflammatory properties


Chamomile is used to reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety and lowers overall cortisol levels. It is also effective for pain relief.

This combination of 5 herbs was selected after 150 experiments!

Strengthened Aromatherapy!

We collaborated with an aroma therapist researcher to infuse the optimal amount of premium herbal essence into every patch

Our patch gradually heats your lower abdomen to a temperature of 53°C

The temperature increase is gradual, meaning it won't cause you to overheat, sweat, or feel uncomfortable

Our patch stays comfortably hot for up to 6 hours!

Comfortable enough to wear at work, while running errands, or while studying

3 Layers in Each Herbal Steaming Patch

Magic Sealing™ Sticker - seals in the freshness of herbal oils

 5 Herbs + Heating Ingredients - combines to create a therapeutic, herbal warming effect

Cotton Layer - soft and non-irritating material will help distribute heat evenly to your abdomen area

Who should I give this to? 

Gift to your girlfriend or wife

Gift to your mother 

Gift to your self 

Gift to your friends or colleagues

Works great as a thoughtful addition to a care package!

How to Use:

01. Open package

02. Peel off Magic Sealing™ Sticker to activate patch

03. Next, peel the sticker off the underside - this side you will attach

04. 03. Place the patch on top of your innerwear (or underwear), near your lower abdomen where you feel menstrual cramps

Note: Do not attach on bare skin!


Can I attach it onto bare skin?

No, you should not attach it directly to bare skin! Always attach it on top of your underwear. The Warm Herbal patch is a heating pack that reaches an average temperature of 53C, with a maximum temperature of 65C. While you may think this temperature is not too hot, prolonged use can result in low-temperature burns if the patch is in direct contact with bare skin.

Can I use it during my period?

Yes, this product is specifically designed for use during your period. It can be used at any time, whether it's during, before, or after your period.

Can the patch be reused?

No, it is a one-time use patch and cannot be re-used.

Can I use it during recovery period after giving birth?

Yes, it is important to keep the lower abdomen warm after delivery and during recovery. The herbal steaming packs will provide warmth and relief.

Can men use it too?

Why not? The heat can also help you recover if you're having body aches or experiencing indigestion problems.

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