[MiM] Korean Ttukbaegi - Seoiteul Collection


[MiM] Korean Ttukbaegi - Seoiteul Collection

Thick, Beautiful & Handmade

[MiM] Korean Ttukbaegi - Seoiteul Collection

Today, we introduce a beautiful Ttukbaegi by MiM (Made in Mind).

Each pot is hand-made by Master Korean Ceramicist, Jung Won Seop

Take a close look at the Seoiteul Ttukbaegi.

You’ll notice the thick walls (it’s heavy), a robust frame and a signature arch lid.

(It reminds us of the large bronze, Buddhist bells in Korea).

Place stews, soups or rice inside - and see how appetizing it looks!

MiM Ttukbaegis are made with premium-grade Korean clay (sourced from Sancheo Province).

The mineral-rich clay undergoes special processing and rolling for ceramics.

Then the prepped clay is carefully molded into shape, baked at ultra-high temperature (1250°C) and coated with glaze.

The signature pots are offered in small (14cm) and large (18cm).

Use the small size (14cm) for specific dishes like Gyeran Jim (계란찜) or Gang Doenjang (강된장) - which cook better in smaller surface area.

Use the larger-sized pot (18cm) for Korean Stews/Jjigae (찌개), Braised Dishes (찜), Korean Porridge/Juk (죽) + other Korean recipes.

Note: Please follow instructions (listed below) before first-use.

(Cultural note: In Korean dining, it's typical for one Ttukbaegi pot to be set at the middle of the table and shared among everybody, along with other side dishes. Each family member is not served an individual Ttukbaegi pot).

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Product Highlights

  • Beautifully-designed Ttukbaegi Pots - handmade in Korea
  • Thick walls, heavy-bottomed - perfect for slow homecooking
  • Baked at ultra-high temperature (1250°C)
  • Available in small (14cm) or large (18cm) pot

[MiM] Ttukbaegi - Seoiteul Collection

"A pot for cooking on fire"

Available in small (14cm) & large (18cm)

Large Size (18 cm) - Seoiteul Collection

Holds up to  3-4 person serving

Use for any recipe: korean stews (jjigae), braised dishes (jjim), porridge (juk) + cooking rice


Diameter: 18cm (with handles 21.5 cm)

Height: 9.5 cm (with lid 12.5 cm)

Material: Earthenware | Handmade in Korea

Small Size (14 cm) - Seoiteul Collection

Holds up to 2 person serving

Best for dishes like Gyeran Jjim (계란찜) or Gang-Doenjang (강된장)


Diameter: 14cm (with handles 17.5 cm)

Height: 8.5 cm (with lid 11.5 cm)

Material: Earthenware | Handmade in Korea


MiM Ttukbaegis are handmade, one-by-one

Each pot is stamped with the artist's seal (shown in image above)

Note: After baking, the seal can look more (or less) pronounced that what's shown

Being handmade, there may be minor imperfections (like residual glaze marks, dots, dents, etc.) - these do not qualify as damaged


For it's first use, please cook a serving of rice (or porridge) in the Ttukbaegi

(The sticky starch that's released when cooking rice will season the surface of the Ttukbaegi)

(Alternatively, you can mix flour with water. Then boil this mixture on a medium-low heat. Move the mixture all around the Ttukbaegi walls)

You only need to this step once


If you cook a dish that contains a high amount of sodium (i.e. doenjang stew) and keep it siting in the Ttukbaegi for an extended period,  salt marks/rings may form on the bottom of the pot. To remove, boil water in pot 3 times

Let your Ttukbaegi cool down before washing - do NOT place a hot pot under running water water!

If you'll use dish soap, we recommend using a natural dish soap (one without abrasive chemicals)

If burnt/scorch marks appear, remove by scrubbing the area with 100% baking soda

After hand-washing, we recommend briefly heating the pot on your stove (on a low-heat) to remove any residual moisture

If there is any residual smell/odor after cooking, add lemon juice (or vinegar) with water. Then boil the mixture for 1 minute


Use on various stovetops: gas, electric, coil. However, it does NOT work on Induction stoves

Please refrain from rinsing a hot Ttukbaegi pot (a sudden temperature change may cause cracks to form in the pot)

As a handmade item, there may be minor imperfections like residual glaze marks, dots, dents, etc - these do not qualify as a damaged item

As a handmade item, there may be subtle differences in dimension sizes

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