[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-pieces)

[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-pieces)

Beautiful Presentation, Stackable

[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-piece Set)

Today, we’re excited to offer Modori’s Ceramic Modular Dish Set.

This 7-piece set includes everything you need to beautifully plate a Korean meal. 

Plus it's stackable – arranging neatly into any cramped cabinet.

The set even includes a wooden cover- which can be used to keep the a dish warm for that family member who is always running late to the dinner table!

The ceramic pieces are made from natural Korean soil - called Loess (황토).

It has a minimal absorption rate (<0.03%). Which means the clay itself doesn’t soak-in any residual liquids.

(Low-quality ceramics are porous - soaking in residual dishwasher soap and gradually cracking over time).

Modori's ceramics dishes are 2-3x stronger.

Second, these ceramics are aseptic – meaning it prevents bacteria or viruses from growing on its surface.

While the benefits of loess are widely known, it has a reputation of being very difficult to bake due to its soft & silt-like composition.

However, Modori was the first to develop a technique to successfully bake loess into durable cookware.

A key step involves firing the ceramics at a very high temperature of 1250°C (~2280°F).

You’ll feel the quality when you hold the dishes in your hands!

Use these beautiful pieces to arrange any combination of foods – whether its Korean, European, Italian, Japanese, Indian...

When your food is presented beautifully, it tastes better!

Note: These ceramic dishes are safe for use in oven, microwave and dish-washer.

Available in 3 colors: Cream White, Pink Beige, Dark Grey, 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
AnJ (Paramaribo District, Suriname)

I am so pleased with this set: the craftmanship is remarkable! Beautiful on the inside but also very smooth and soft to the touch on the outside as well. Usually with pottery, the outsides are not crafted as smooth as the inside, but this set is totally different. I got the brown color which fits perfectly in my kitchen. It is stackable, so takes up little storageroom. Very good purchase. I am saving up for the white set! Modori exceded my expectations, well done....

Catherine N.S. (California, United States)

absolutely love this! although smaller than expected, i love how compact it is. the owner even wrote a personalized note which i very much appreciate. will truly come back to buy more korean kitchenware from here!

L.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Beautiful Modori Tableware

Modori has designed a definite winner in this seven-piece tableware set.
They are not only simply elegant in design, but functional as well.Just stack the pieces, top with the wooden "plate" or "cover" and they take up very little space in your cupboard or on your kitchen shelf or counter. IMO, the set makes for a beautiful tablescape.If Modori makes more dishes for this collection, I'll be getting them!

Kara T. (Leinster, Ireland)
Lovely dishes

We love these dishes. They are extremely well made and the finish has an amazing texture. The sizes are a bit smaller than we are used to, but that isn't a drawback. The nesting aspect means that they also don't take up much space in the cupboard. We are quite happy with our purchase.

Elizabeth W. (Tennessee, United States)

Really brilliant for all decor types, uses. Love the aesthetic and ability to stack/store. My only complaints are one item broke after falling lightly about 2" off my drying rack & if you wash in the dishwasher you must pre-wash all items off (the only reason they don't get a perfect review!).

Product Highlights

  • 7 piece modular set - stacks easily (and stores beautifully)
  • Acquired first patent in Korea for loess ceramics (non-absorption/non-cracking)
  • Can be used in oven, microwave and dishwasher
  • Made in Korea - handmade!

- [Modori] Ceramic Modular Set -

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