[Modori] Cookware Protector Pads (3 pcs)

[Modori] Cookware Protector Pads (3 pcs)

Store Worry-Free, Scratch-Proof!

[Modori] Cookware Protector Pads (For Storage)

Modori offers protector pads to prevent scratching when stacking their ceramic cookware.

(These protective pads are an optional item and sold separately - not included in the Sodam Cookware Set.) 

These protector pads are made of felt, and produced in a star shape - to prevent ceramic pans/pot from making contact with each other.  

With these protector pads, you can stack Modori cookware quickly, without worry!

Each set contains 3 large protector pads.

Note: Feel free to use these pads for stacking other ceramic pieces in your kitchen.

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Product Highlights

  • Protector Pads to stack frying pans without worry - no scratching!
  • Large-sized pads - fits any Modori frying pan or pot
  • Can also use to store ceramic plates or bowls
  • 1 set includes 3 pads

[Modori] Protector Pads

Modori Protector Pads

Worried about scratching your pans when storing?

With Protector Pads, stack and store with ZERO worry!

Our felt pads provide a layer of soft, scratch-free protection

Comfortably fits any Modori Cookware (i.e.  Sodam, Goodle)

You can also use it to stack other ceramics in your cabinet

Product Details

Material: Felt

Size: Diameter (40cm)

Manufactured in Korea

Usage Notes

Do not wash with chlorine or bleach

Don't place anything hot onto pads - completely cool down before stacking pots on protector pads

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