[Modori] Dodam Pot

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[Modori] Dodam Pot

Minimalist Design, Beautiful!  

[Modori] Dodam Pot

Today, we’re happy to bring you Modori’s Dodam Pot.

This is Modori’s modern take on the traditional Korean Ttukbaegi Pot (which is referred to as “Casserole Pots” in the product page below).

Instead of clay, Modori makes its Dodam Pot using Korea’s Advanced Full Induction Technology.

The Dodam Pot has a very high thermal conductivity - it heats up very quickly and retains the heat efficiently.

The Dodam Pot boasts a minimal yet aesthetic design, with an accompanying lid.

The lid fits tightly to lock-in moisture and boosts the overall heat conductivity of the pot.

(Note: The lid can also be used as a pot-holder.)

Unlike clay Ttukbaegis, this Dodam Pot does not have a porous surface. So it does not absorb food liquids or stain easily - 99% absorption free.

This makes it very easy to clean!

This Dodam Pot is made using safe, non-toxic materials - it's free from fluorine, harmful compounds, heavy metals like lead, cadmium, etc.

It’s offered in two sizes: 15 or 17cm

The 15cm pot is similar to the size a Korean Ttukbaegi.

Great for making 1-person serving of ramen, udon or other soups/stews. It’s also the right size for Gyeran-Jjim (Korean steamed eggs).

Dimensions: 16cm x 20cm x 8 cm (outside diameter). The base diameter is roughly the length of your hand.

The 17cm pot is great for family portions (3-4 person servings).

Suitable for multi-purpose needs/recipes.

Dimensions: 19cm x 23cm x 9.3 cm (outside diameter)

Available in two colors: Off-White & Midnight Blue

Optional: Modori Pot Holders can also be purchased (2pc).

Made in Korea.

Safe for use on any stovetop (gas, electric, induction) and oven-friendly. But do NOT use in the microwave!

Editor Note: With regular usage, the pot will incur minor scratches, abrasions and/or dings. However, the scratched area will NOT leach toxic substances. Unlike Teflon-coated cookware, Modori Cookware is safe to use with scratches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
N.V. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Aesthetic and functional!

I love this little Dodam pot- I use the smallest size for smaller portions fit for one to two people. I cook my oats, porridge and even noodles on this. Heats up quickly and easy to clean when done!

Akiza (North Carolina, United States)
Cookware of my dreams

I just love it…the aesthetic and its quality are superb

Isaivani M. (Quebec, Canada)
Practical and Sturdy

This pot is so practical for me since I have an induction plate stove and it works wonders. So happy with it and the holders are so practical. I use them with other modern cookware. Fully recommend!

Product Highlights

  • Dodam Pot is made with Full Induction technology - heats up quickly + excellent heat retention
  • Made of highly-pure aluminum - extra durable
  • Surface does not absorb food liquids - 99% absorption-free
  • Burn stains are easily removed -  very simple to clean!
  • Works on all stove tops: induction, gas, electric, heating plate + oven

[Modori] Dodam Pot

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