[Modori] Korean Sodam Pot Lid (22cm)


[Modori] Sodam Cooking Pot Lid

Beautiful Lid, See-Through Glass!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Pot Lid

For our customers who purchased Sodam Cookware Set, Modori also offers a聽22cm Lid聽as a separate, add-on item.

The lid fits on top of the 22cm Sodam Cooking Pot, which is one of the 3 cooking ware in the Sodam Cookware Set.

The lid is completely see-through (made聽with tempered glass). When braising or slow-cooking dishes, there's no need to lift the lid to check on the ingredients. Simply look through the lid!

The see-through lid is also wrapped with silicone, making a seal with the pot.聽The lining also聽helps to keep the glass from聽absorbing聽shock.

Equally as important, the lid looks beautiful -聽complementing the all-white, minimal design聽of the Sodam Cookware Set.

Note: This is lid only - does not include pot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
May (Ontario, Canada)
Very Useful

Goes well with the cookware set! It's always nice to be able to see your delicious food without being splattered on.

Gloria L. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Beautiful pot lid

I am glad I bought the extra pot lid, it鈥檚 very useful, I can put the leftover straight into the fridge.

L.C. (Ontario, Canada)
Beautiful & High Quality :D

the design of the pot lod is slik & beautiful, but it is also very high quality, and practical. I was worried at first that it might break on its way to my country(canada) but the seller nicely and securedly packaged it. It came to my mailbox intact, and perfectly fine. Overall it is a good product!

Liner L. (British Columbia, Canada)
A must to have

The Modori set is wonderful, having this lid to fit the 22cm pan made the set perfect. The lid has a silicone rim and its transparency helped me manage the cooking. I highly recommend it.

jpelasio (Auckland, New Zealand)
I forgot I ordered this

I actually forgot I ordered this and it showed up a couple hours after my original order did. Buuuut, its actually amazing to have a lid that suits the aesthetic of the pots!

Product Highlights

  • Lid for Sodam's 22cm Cooking Pot 
  • Lid is see-through, easily check the status of your food with the lid on.
  • Lid is wrapped in silicone - creates a seal with pot and prevents damage. 
  • Add it to complete your Modori Sodam Cookware Set!

- Modori Sodam Pot Lid (22cm) -

Check on your food - without lifting the lid.

Lid is made of tempered glass, it's see-through!

The Lid is Protected with a Silicone Ring.

Glass is durable - will not break with force. Plus, there's no sound when you close the lid! 

Composition: Lid - Tempered Glass, Silicon | Lid Handle - Bakelite

Size: 22cm

Product Notice

This Pot Lid is for 22cm Sodam Cooking Pot.
(The 22cm Pot is included in the Sodam Cookware Set)

The perimeter of the lid is wrapped in silicone.
Foods with strong marinades (like Kimchi or Curry) may cause the silicone to stain.

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