[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

Handmade in Korea, 4 Distinct Pieces

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

Presenting: Handmade Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Piece Set) by Mujagi

Each box contains 4 cups - uniquely designed to pay homage to the designs of Korea's ceramic heritage.

The cups are finished with a clear blue-and-white glaze, evoking a sense of purity and simplicity.

Not to mention its beauty!

Despite their varying shapes and heights, they share a consistent volume of 15ml, ensuring a uniform pour for everyone!

These cups will seamlessly complement other ceramics pieces in your pantry.

Whether you're searching for a thoughtful gift for friends, newlyweds, or a treat for yourself, these Korean soju cups are perfect for adding a touch of Korean spirit to your evening!

Safe for heating in microwave & washing in dishwasher. Do not use in oven.

Made in Korea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Diane A. (England, United Kingdom)
Beautifully made

Look good and nice to drink from.

Mirjana L. (Sicily, Italy)
stylish small cups

very nice set of small cups, fine porcellane

Product Highlights

  • Introducing Mugaji Shot Cups -  beautifully designed for Korea's most beloved alcohol, soju
  • Each piece is different - crafted in Korea's rich culinary/ceramic traditions
  • Each piece has varying heights - while having the same volume capacity (50ml)
  • Celebrate life's moments with Mujagi's shot cup sets - and add a touch of Korean ambiance to your evening!
  • This set includes four ceramic shot cups.

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

A collection of 4 unique ceramic shot glasses

Crafted with the rich culinary/ceramic traditions of Korea in mind

Each piece has varying heights - while maintaining the same volume capacity (50ml)

Each piece is different, beautiful design!

Allow your guests to choose their own piece and enjoy their favorite drinks all night long!

100% Made in Korea

Clear Blue & White Glaze

Glossy ceramic - made with a clear blue & white glaze that gives a pure and clear impression

Detailed View

Cone Shot Cup

Diameter: 6.2 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Stripe Shot Cup

Diameter: 4.1 cm, Height 5.5 cm

Angles Shot Cup

Diameter: 5.7 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Half-Moon Shot Cup

Diameter: 6.2 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Usage Notes:

Scratches may occur if stainless steel cutlery is used on ceramics - use wood or silicone cutlery

Microwave-Safe. Dishwasher-Safe. Please do not place in oven.

Made in Korea

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