[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce (2 Types)


[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce, Korean-Style!

[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce

Today we introduce a locally-made hot sauce in Korea called Jindotgae Hot Sauce.

It’s a delicious hot sauce that reminds us of a “Koreanized” Tabasco.

The underlying vinegar taste is there. But packed with more flavor from the blend of Korean Chilies.

The hot sauce is made with Korean Red Chili Peppers (홍고추) and Korean Cheonyang Chili Peppers (청양고추).

But how spicy is it? We would say its spiciness is similar to Sriracha Sauce (spiciness 7/10).

But if you want spicier, we recommend their Green Hot Sauce (spiciness 9/10).

The green version is made with Korean Cheonyang Chili Peppers and Mexican Habaneros. A fierce combination!

It’s spicier than the original with less vinegary taste.

But both sauces taste amazing dabbed on finger foods, burritos, pizza… or mixed with ketchup!

Best of all, the hot sauce is low in calories - only 4.9 calories per serving.

If you're the type that dabs hot sauce over everything, add this Korean-style hot sauce to your cabinet!

Note: The Hot Sauce is named after Korea's native dog, Jindotgae. These dogs are know to be fiercely loyal and courageous!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Morning F.
Perfection in Hot Sauce

Starts out with a tart vinegar taste, quickly gives to a pepper taste, and leave the tongue blissfully on fire. PERFECTION.

Denise K.
A punch to an old classic flavor

Love this! Its nice and vinegary like Tabasco but has an extra kick of spice and flavor that I love!! Only wish it came in a bigger bottle because My husband and I put it on everything!

Product Highlights

  • Korean Hot Sauce - small batches made locally in Seoul (Itaewon)
  • Original Sauce made with Korean Red Chili Pepper (홍고추) and Korean Green Cheongyang Chili Pepper (청양고추)
  • Green Sauce also includes Mexican Habaneros for extra spiciness!
  • Low in calories - eat without worry
  • Available in two flavors: Original & Green Hot Sauce

- 01. [Jindotgae]
Original Hot Sauce -

What does it taste like? 

Our original hot sauce is made with locally-grown Red Chili & Cheonyang Green Chili.

It's spicy (... but a spice that won't overpower your food's taste)




How spicy is it? 

3,530.65 SHU - between Tabasco & Spicy Korean Buldak Ramen

This formula came through years of iteration!

It took 42 batches to finalize the recipe!

(Yes, we ate alot of hot sauce)

- 02. [Jindotgae]
Green Hot Sauce -

It's very spicy!

Made with Korean Cheongyang Chili Peppers & Western Habanero Peppers

What does it taste like? 

First, you get the sharp, light kick from the Cheonyang Chili Peppers... 

Followed by the powerful, lingering spice of the Habanero!




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