[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce

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[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce

Artisanal Hot Sauce, Korean-Style!

[Nekkid Crew] Jindotgae Hot Sauce

The hot sauce boom is making its way to Seoul - and creating alot of buzz on the internet. 

Nekkid Crew - a food startup from Seoul - is the first to step up to the scene! Their signature hot sauce is called Jindotgae - named after Korea's native dog. Jindotgaes are know to be fiercely loyal and courageous. It's why many South Korean immigrants took these dogs with them to countries all over the world. Similarly, Nekkid believes their locally-made hot sauce is tasty enough to reach the world.

So we had to give it a try. And boy, is it good! The base flavor is familiar - it reminds us of tabasco with that underlying vinegar base. But it has a more piquant spice - with a slight kick that you feel after a few seconds. That kick  - or Jindotgae bite - is from the Korean chili peppers. They use a blend of Korean Red Chili Peppers (Hong Gochu) and Green (Cheongyang) Chili peppers. Best of all, the hot sauce is low in calories, with only 4.9 calories per serving.

If you're the type that likes to dab hot sauce over everything, give this a try! Woof-woof.

Customer Reviews

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Perfection in Hot Sauce

Starts out with a tart vinegar taste, quickly gives to a pepper taste, and leave the tongue blissfully on fire. PERFECTION.

A punch to an old classic flavor

Love this! Its nice and vinegary like Tabasco but has an extra kick of spice and flavor that I love!! Only wish it came in a bigger bottle because My husband and I put it on everything!

Product Highlights

  • New Trending Item from Seoul (2019)
  • Delicious, vinegar-based hot-sauce created by Korean restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul
  • Made from a blend of Korean Hong Red Chili Pepper (홍고추) and Korean Green Cheongyang Chili Pepper (청양고추)
  • Low in calories - great for dabbing over finger foods
How is this advertised in Korea?

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Q: Why is it named Jindotgae?
Q: What type of chili peppers are used?
Q: What does it tastes like - is it really spicy?
Q: How many calories are in this?
Q: What's the expiration date? Where should I store this?
Q: Where is the sauce made?

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About The Brand

Nekkid Crew is a food startup brand from Seoul. They operate 2 restaurants in Itaewon, Seoul: Nekkid Wings & Itaewon Brewing. They have also launched their own artisanal hot sauce. 

That's it folks!