[Neo] Premium Jeongol Ttukbaegi (Hot Pot)


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For Korean-Style Hot Pot

[Neo] Premium Jeongol Ttukbaegi (Hot Pot)

Jeongol is the Korean word for Hot Pot. 

During a cold, rainy day - it's hard to beat a simmering pot of veggies, thinly sliced beef and savory broth. At Korean restaurants, Jeongol is typically served to the table-side, uncooked in a large pot. The pot is set on a portable gas-burner and brought to a boil in front of you. As the broth thickens and steam billows, your appetite grows and grows.

Today we present to you that restaurant-style Jeongol Pot. Neo's Jeongol Hot Pot is the perfect size - spacious enough for an eclectic mix of vegetables and up to 1800ml (~7.5 cups) of broth. That should be enough for a 3-4 person serving.

Neo's Jeongol pot is made in Korea using a special, high-density clay. This clay does not absorb any residual liquid while cooking - making it aseptic or free from contamination. It also has a ridged perimeter to prevent any broth from boiling over. But just as important, the pot is beautiful - a simple, classic design that plays well in any kitchen.

Make a list of the jeongol or stews you'll make: Boeseot (Mushroom) Jeongol, Mandu (Dumpling) Jeongol, Dubu (Tofu) Jeongol, Haemul (Spicy Seafood) Jeongol, Kimchi Jjigae or even Korean Ramen. Then give it a go on a free weekend!

(Note: Due to its heavy weight, the pot and lid is packaged and delivered to you in 2 separate parcels)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C. (Hesse, Germany)
Beautiful Hot Pot and good delivery

The pot is as pictured and described. It has a great look and feel to it, authentic stuff. If you are looking for something like that, then I can fully recommend it. This has been my first time order from Germany and the delivery was in 14 days to my doorstep. Kind regards, Christian

Alison C. (Hesse, Germany)
Love it!

I got my pot in a record time to Germany. From Korea with love!! Daniel included such a lovely note. Thank you!! I used my pot the same day I got it food tasted even better 🤤

Cindy N. (Illinois, United States)

Love my new pot. Sukiyaku was the first recipe...it cooked and changed like a dream.

Alexandra C. (Ontario, Canada)
Love it

The pot isn’t too heavy, and it’s not too big either ! Perfect for 2 people but can easily accommodate 4 servings. It looks super cute !

Risto R.
Made for Korean Stews.

came exactly as described. Ive used this pot tomake Tofu jigae, mushroom hot pot, and even chanko-nabe (japnese sumo soup). It keeps the soup warm for very long and is easy to clean. 5/5

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful way to cook and serve Korean stews or hot-pots
  • Made from high-density clay - does not absorb liquids or dishwasher soap 
  • Large size - holds 1800 ml of broth (enough for 3-4 person serving)
  • Made in Korea with natural clay
Pot Details

The pot has a ridge to prevent broth from boiling over

Safe for handwashing - simply use a dish sponge and soap

Close-up view from all sides

Dimension: 25.5cm width (excluding handle) vs 7.3cm height (excluding lid)

Volume: 1800 ml


This pot is heavy! To keep international shipping costs low, we must keep the total weight of each parcel under 2kg. 

As such, the pot and lid will be shipped separately to you in 2 different parcels.

Product faq

Q: Why is the pot and lid shipped separately?
Q: How much liquid can this hold?
Q: I have an electric/induction/gas stovetop. Does it work?
Q: What should I make with this?
Q: How should I wash this?
Q: Can you give me the dimensions of this pot?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

NEO is a Korean ceramics company that specializes in earthen cookware for slow cooking. They produce large clay pots for Korean stews and hot pots. The brand has gained a large following for their simple yet classic designs. 

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