[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Oil (Grown in Yecheon)

[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Oil (Grown in Yecheon)

Made with Yecheon sesame seeds

[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Oil 

Many Koreans today have become quite discerning when it comes to sesame oil.

One crucial factor they consider is whether the oil is made using sesame seeds grown in Korea.

This preference stems from the potential release of a harmful compound called benzopyrene, which can occur if the seeds are toasted at excessively high temperatures or for prolonged durations.

Additionally, the nutritional value of the seeds can deteriorate depending on the roasting time and technique employed.

In Korea, this awareness is widespread, prompting domestic sesame oil producers to adopt lower toasting temperatures and guarantee the absence of benzopyrene in their oils.

Today, we introduce a regional seed grower and oil producer named Nongbu Chanko - which is owned and operated by three sisters.

They grow their seeds in Yecheon County (예천군), North Gyeongsang, a renowned region in Korea recognized for its exceptional, nutrient-rich sesame seeds!

Yecheon soil has well-drained and aerated soil, as well as abundant sunshine, providing an optimal environment for sesame plants to flourish.

The sesame seeds cultivated in Yecheon County are considered to be of superior quality and are sought after by individuals and food businesses.

Now, we are delighted to offer Nongbu Chanko's best-selling sesame oils.

It's offered in two types:

- Toasted Sesame Oil
- Lightly Toasted Sesame Oil

Editor's Note: In Korean recipes, toasted sesame oil is the standard choice.

Lightly toasted sesame oil possesses a subtle nutty flavor that is barely noticeable. The latter is recommended for individuals who prioritize a healthier option as it retains a higher amount of the original seeds' nutrition.

Both versions of the oil are available in 180ml & 300ml sizes.

Store at room temperature.

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Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korea-grown sesame seeds - not imported!
  • Sesame seeds are grown in Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang) - region renowned in Korea for its sesame seeds
  • Yecheon County has become one of the main production regions of domestically-made sesame oil
  • Fresh, rich, and nutty flavored oils extracted through low-temperature compression technology
  • Available in either 180ml or 300ml size

[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korean Sesame Oil

This is a Korean Sesame Oil from Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang)

📍 경상북도 예천군 보무면

We exclusively use sesame seeds grown in Yecheon, Korea - not imported seeds!

Nongbu Chanko is operated by three sisters - who have since become mothers...

"Our mission is to create food products that we would proudly serve to our own children"

We offer 2 types of sesame oils:

Toasted Sesame Oil

Strong & toasty, nutty aroma 

Recommended for all Korean recipes

Lightly-Toasted Sesame Oil 

Faint (barely noticeable) nutty flavor

Lightly-toasted at low temperature to preserve seed's original nutrition 

Use on pan-frying recipe such as fried egg, pan-fried tofu, stir-fried mushrooms, etc.

Toasted Sesame Oil has a brown color

Lightly Toasted Sesame Oil has a golden color

Side-by-side comparison

Lightly Toasted Sesame Oil - (shown left)

Toasted Sesame Oil (middle)

LightlyToasted Perilla Oil (right)

Available in 2 sizes: 300ml & 180ml

100% Korea-Grown Certification

Our sesame oil has been certified to be made using exclusively Korea-grown seeds 

Our sesame seeds are grown in the famous Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang)

Yecheon County (예천군) is a renowned region for its production of high-quality sesame seeds in Korea

The region has well-drained and aerated soil and receives abundant sunshine, which allows sesame plants to thrive

Yecheon County has become one of the main production regions of domestic sesame oil

Healthy sesame plants produce abundant flowers! They are tall and have ample leaf coverage

Experience sesame oil made with Yechon's renowned sesame seeds

Fresh, rich, and nutty flavored oils extracted through low-temperature compression technology

Worry-Free Oil, Benzopyrene-Free!

When seeds are toasted at high temperatures (or for too long), a harmful substance called benzopyrene can be released

That's why we roast at a low temperature. Additionally, we send sample batches of our oil for testing each month!

Certified lab results indicate NO Benzoyprene or other harmful substances in our sesame & perilla oils

Our facilities are HAACP-Certified - commited to food safety and meet regulatory requirements

Our glass bottles undergo a thorough 2-stage cleaning process!

First stage: Sterilized with Hot Water

Second stage: Heat Treatment & UV-Sterilization

What are the little specks on the bottom of the container?

It is natural plant fiber (from sesame plant) that is leftover from the oil extraction process 

Simply shake the oil - yes, it is completely safe to eat & nutritious as well!

Use it to fry your morning egg

Use it to season bibimbap

Use it when making spicy squid stir-fry (ojingeo bokkeum)

Use it when tossing traditional japchae noodles

Full Ingredients list:

Sesame Seeds (Korea Grown) 100%


Please store sesame oil at room temperature (not the refirgerator)

Made in Korea

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