[ORLY] Korean Acacia Honey (Grade 1+)


100% Natural Honey, Grade 1+ 

[ORLY] Grade 1+ Acacia Honey (500g)

Introducing one of our personal pantry essentials: ORLY’s Korean Acacia Honey.

This 100% natural honey has a carbon isotope of -23.5, indicating its purity - free from dilution or mixing with water.

In Korea, honey is graded into three categories, with Grade 1+ being the highest.

ORLY Acacia Honey proudly holds a Grade 1+, making it the finest choice.

Harvested from the flowers of the Korean Acacia Tree, this honey exudes a subtle floral fragrance and a sweetness surpassing that of other floral varieties.

Its smooth taste and delicate aroma make it a delightful addition to morning yogurt, freshly sliced fruit, oatmeal, or baked goods.

Unlike thicker varieties, ORLY Acacia Honey has a more liquid texture (less viscous than ordinary honey).

Plus, it comes in a convenient squeeze bottle, eliminating the hassle of cleaning up sticky lids and messy jars (this is so nice!)

Try the best Korean honey - and use it to awaken your morning recipes!

Please store at room temperature - avoid the refrigerator.

Available in a 500g size.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean Acacia Honey - Awarded Grade 1+ (the highest grade).
  • 100% Natural Honey - with a carbon isotope ratio of -23.5 (indicating pure honey, free from dilution or mixing with water)
  • Convenient squeeze tube - no more sticky lids or messy jars!
  • Produced by the Korea Beekeeping Agricultural Cooperative, with 58 years of expertise in honey production.

[ORLY] Korean Acacia Honey (Grade 1+)


ORLY - Korean Acacia Honey (Grade 1+)


Why do customers choose ORLY Honey?

✔  Unprocessed Natural Honey 

✔  Grade 1+ Natural Honey

✔  Great as a food gift


This honey is harvested from the flowers of the Korean Acacia tree.

It has a subtle floral fragrance and is sweeter than honey from other flowers.

Its smooth taste and aroma make it a great natural sweetener for any dish.


Use it on yogurt, drizzle over fruits and baked goods

Use it as a substitute for sugar!


No more sticky lids or messy jars!

Our cap has a silicone insert that prevents dripping, making it easy to control the amount. 

The honey comes out slowly and doesn’t stick to the jar, keeping everything clean and tidy!


Verified Real Honey with Carbon Isotope Ratio

It's hard to distinguish sugar-added honey from real honey by taste and smell alone. The carbon isotope ratio can make this distinction.

ORLY Premium Honey is certified as 100% natural with a carbon isotope ratio of -23.5 or lower.

This ensures it is genuine honey, unlike those mixed with sugar, syrup, or oligosaccharides.


In Korea, honey is classified into three grades, with Grade 1+ being the highest.

ORLY Acacia Honey has received a Grade 1+, the highest grade.

Meets the definition, standards, and residue detection criteria for honey as specified in the Food Code.


Official Test Results

This honey product has been graded by the Korean Livestock Products Quality Evaluation Institute, a government public institution. It is also safety-certified by the NH Economic Holdings Livestock Research Institute.


Please Note:

For Infants:

Do not give honey to infants under 12 months old. Infants under one year are at risk of infant botulism from consuming honey. Nursing mothers should consult their doctor before consuming honey.

Can honey be mixed with hot water?

Mixing honey with boiling water (100°C) reduces its natural flavor and beneficial enzymes. For warm honey tea, let the water cool slightly before adding honey.

Who should be cautious?

Individuals with allergies to flowers, pollen, or honey should be cautious. Those with diabetes should consult their doctor to determine an appropriate intake.

Storage Instructions:

Store honey at room temperature, between 18-25°C. Keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Crystallization: A Sign of Pure Honey!

Honey crystallization can occur at cold temperatures (below 15°C) or when glucose is more abundant than fructose. This physical change does not affect the quality of the honey. To return back to its original liquid state, warm it gently at around 45°C.

Honey Characteristics:

The taste and color of natural honey can vary depending on the harvest season.


Product details: 

Natural Honey (Acacia tree)

Grade: 1+ (Highest quality)

Carbon Isotope Ratio: less than -23.5%

Size: 500g 

Store at room temperature (not in refrigerator)

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