[Our Farm] Golden Maesil-Eck (Plum Extract Liquid)

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[Our Farm] Golden Maesil Extract

100% Organic Ripened Maesil from Gwangyang

[Our Farm] Golden Maesil Extract

Maesil is Korean Green Plums. It's a healthy fruit that's loaded with minerals and antioxidants, while being low in calories. Koreans like to ferment maesil and use its sweet extract as a substitute for sugar in Korean recipes. Many people also drink it as an iced or hot tea to boost their energy, detoxify blood and improve digestion.

Most brands use unripe maesil (referred to as "cheongmae") to make their extract. Unripe plums have a green peel and produce a dark-green extract that is sweet, tart and tangy. A good reference product is Hong Sang Ri's Maesil Extract.

But this brand - Our Farm - uses ripe maesil ("hwangmae"), which has a yellow, golden peel. The riper the fruit, the more natural sugars. So this extract has a much sweeter, full-bodied taste. It's perfect for mixing with (carbonated) water and making a refreshing iced tea. 

Our Farm grows their plums in a remote, coastal province called Gwangyang. It's grown 100% organically - without any pesticide or chemical fertilizers. The plums are picked in June (instead of May), when they fully ripen and reach their peak golden color.

If you want to find a new natural beverage, consider this one! 

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John (California, United States)

High quality and tasty :)

Product Highlights

  • 100% organically grown in Gwangyang (South Jeolla Province)
  • Extract is made with ripened, yellow plums (as opposed to unripe, green plums) for a sweeter flavor
  • Extract is made with only two ingredients: organic Korean plum & organic sugar
  • Use it to make refreshing iced tea!
  • Size is 380ml 
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Organic Plums (50.5%)

Organic Sugar (49.5%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Before opening, keep in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in the refrigerator

      What to Make

      Iced Plum Tea

      Hot Plum Tea

      Use to make salad dressing

        About the Brand

        Our Farm is a collective made of regional farms throughout Korea. The ,individual farms have been inspected and received certification as organic producers.

          How is Maesil Made? 

          Equal parts Maesil and Sugar are packed into an air-tight container and left to age. As the plums ferment, they slowly release their nutrition into its own juices. There is not a single drop of water added. After six months, a natural syrup is made. It can be used right away or left to age for an additional year for deeper flavor.

          Here's a homemade recipe

          Here's a Youtuber named Kimi who makes Maesil Extract & Iced Tea from home.
          Note: In this video, she is using unripe green plums (Cheongmae)

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          About The Brand

          Our Farm is a collective made of regional farms throughout Korea. The individual farms have been inspected and received certification as organic producers.

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