[Primera] Organience 2-Piece Essential Gift Box


[Primera] Organience Water & Emulsion (2pc)

Power of natural seeds, daily skincare!

[Primera] Organience 2-Piece Essential聽Gift聽Box

Today, we offer Primera's聽signature skincare products in a set!

It's Primera's Organience 2-Piece Essential聽Gift聽Box.

This聽gift set includes 2 of Primera's signature products: Organience Water (180ml) & Organience Emulsion (150ml).

Organience聽Water (180ml)聽is applied first to the face.

It's a watery toner made with聽natural, germinated black beans, houttuynia and artemisia sprouts.

The toner聽hydrates, nourishes and protects skin from external irritation.聽It聽absorbs quickly into the skin like water, without any sticky residue. Leaves you feeling fresh!

Organience Emulsion (150ml)聽is applied next.

This water-like cream聽is made with natural, germinated black beans, black rice & houttuynia.

The hydrating cream聽provides deep moisture and replenishes your skin with rich nutrients. It also helps to maintain a healthy oil-water聽balance in your skin.

The two products are聽suitable for聽ALL skin types.

Does it have strong scent? No, it has a subtle herb, grassy scent - will reminds you of nature & the outdoors.

The gift聽box also comes with 3 samples...

Organience Water (30ml), Organience Emulsion (30ml) and聽Cleansing Foam聽(30ml).

Perfect for use while traveling or at the gym.

Primera is a famous Korean beauty brand that specializes in聽using聽germinating聽seeds and sprouts for skincare.

Why germinating seeds? That's when seeds have the most amount of nutrition and vitality in them!

All Primera聽products are made with NO parabens, animal ingredients, synthetic pigments, artificial scents and mineral-free.

All skincare products sold on Gochujar arefactory-sealedandshipped directly from Korea. We聽do not bulk-purchase. Instead, we procure聽in small batches to guarantee that you'll be receiving products from the latest manufactured batch.

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Product Highlights

  • Primera's Organience Gift Box Set
  • Includes Organience Water (180ml) + Organience Emulsion (150ml)
  • Gift box also includes 3 samples - perfect for use during travel or at the gym
  • Recommend for any skin type: normal, dry oily & combination

[Primera] Organience 2-Piece Essential Box

What's included in the box? 

 1. Organience Water (180ml)

Skin Toner

Editor's Note: Light, Watery - absorbs like water

Scent: Herbal, Grassy (subtle scent)

Directions: Apply after rinsing your face in the mornings & evening

2. Organience Emulsion (150ml)


Editor's Note: watery cream, absorbs without residue

Scent: Herbal, Grassy (subtle scent)

Directions: Use after applying Organience Water

+ 3 Primera Samples

Box includes 3 samples: Organience Water (30ml),  Emlusion (30ml), Cleansing Foam (30ml)

(Sample type may change depending on season & availability)

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