[Samduk] Ttukbaegi Clamp (Holder)


Samduk - Clamp Holder

Secure Grasp, Easy Handling of Hot Ttukbaegi

[Samduk] Ttukbaegi Clamp

Korean stews are typically served piping hot.

You need to exercise caution when lifting ttukbaegis off the stovetop and carrying it to the dinner table.

At home, many people will use oven mitts and tip-top to the dining table.

But this can be quite tricky and dangerous.

This is where the Ttukbaegi Clamp becomes essential!

It's utilized by cooks in Korean restaurants to effortlessly grip piping-hot Ttukbaegis and transfer them to a serving platter, from where the servers will bring it right to your table.

The clamps at the end securely grip the Ttukbaegi pots, ensuring no slippage.

This clamp is designed with a spring to ensure effortless gripping, requiring less hand power.

If you love cooking Korean Ttukbaegi recipes, then adding this to your kitchen tools is a must!

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Product Highlights

  • The Ttukbaegi Clamp is a handy tool designed to securely grasp piping hot Ttukbaegi pots
  • Use it to move hot Ttukbaegis from kitchen stove to dinner table
  • 100% Made in Korea

[Samduk] Ttukbaegi Clamp

Ttukbaegi Clamp Holder

Use this clamp to safely transfer the piping-hot Ttukbaegi pot from the stovetop to the dining table

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