[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies

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[Samlip] Yakgwa Cookies

Traditional Korean Cookies

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies

Yakgwa are traditional Korean Honey Cookies. They were a royal dessert reserved for the King and his Royal Court during the Joseon Dynasty. Honey, during those times, was used as a medicinal ingredient. And these honey-soaked cookies were regarded as 'medicinal dessert'.

Nowadays, it's served as a light snack, alongside a cup of hot tea or coffee. Yakgwa is made by frying dough and soaking it ginger-infused honey for 6-8 hours. It has a slightly crunchy exterior with a soft-and-chewy inside. Many people say the taste reminds them of a donut or soft-dough cookie.

We chose Samlip's brand because the cookies are mini-sized. (We find that the regular-sized Yakgwa are often too big to finish.) These mini-yakgwa are also individually wrapped and easy to eat.

If you're looking for a simple snack to serve guests, try traditional Korean Yakgwa!

Customer Reviews

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Itzhak M. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Good cookies

Vety tasty and good quality

Maggi S. (England, United Kingdom)
Mini Yakgwa Cookies

Pleasantly surprised at the size, taste and found it interesting how they are made. I handed some of them to my Maths student who had to work out the volume before eating them. They worked hard and enjoyed the taste and wanted more. I would love to try the regular size.

Linda F. (Ontario, Canada)
Samlip’s Mini Yakgwa Cookies: Delicious!

These cookies have become my addiction. Watch the video—thoughtfully provided by Katie and Daniel—and you will see that in the making of yakgwa, they are soaked for several hours in a honey syrup, yet they are neither too sweet nor sticky. They are perfect— perfectly delicious. They remind me of a honey-dip donut, but with a crisp exterior and dense interior. Soooo good. I also like the mini size and the fact that each cookie is individually wrapped. I have placed another order for more.

Sophia J.
Sweet and yummy cookie

I really enjoy these cute and yummy cookies. Great with tea or coffee! I bring a few with me to work to help me tide over until lunch (if I get the mid-morning munchies) or eat as a mid-afternoon snack. The cookies aren't crunchy, but soft and dense. You can taste the honey flavor, but it's not too over-powering. I will definitely buy these again.

Product Highlights

  • Mini size - makes it easy and fun to eat! 
  • Each Yakgwa is individually wrapped - stays fresh for longer
  • Perfect for serving alongside a cup of hot tea or coffee
  • Large bag (400g)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Flour, Mulyeot (Corn Syrup), Sugar, Honey

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 6 months

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in refrigerator (makes it last longer)

      What to Make

      Serve alongside a cup of warm tea or coffee

        About the Brand

        Samlip is a brand owned by the large food conglomerate SPC. They produce a variety of Korean snacks, sweets and confectionary. Their Yakgwa snack is one of their hit-items.

          How's it made? 

          Here's a recipe by a Youtuber - take a look to see the overall cooking process.
          Note: This is not representative or Samlip or their manufacturing process.

          Product faq

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          About The Brand

          Samlip is a brand owned by the large food conglomerate SPC. They produce a variety of Korean snacks, sweets and confectionary. Their Yakgwa snack is one of their hit-items.

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