[Sangol Farm] Korean Balloon Flower Extract (150g)

[Sangol Farm] Korean Balloon Flower Root Extract (150g)

Made with 3-Year Old Roots

[Sangol Farm] Korean Balloon Flower Root Extract

In Korea, many office workers – especially those over the age of 30 – keep a cache of medicinal herbal extract packets at their desks.

They come in handy when running low on energy or experiencing fatigue.

Today we introduce Sangol Farm's Korean Pear & Balloon Flower Root Extract.

The key ingredient in this extract is Korean Balloon Flower Root (known as 'Doraji' 도라지 in Korean).

What's so special about it? 

Balloon Flower Roots contain a special organic compound called saponin.

Saponins have been shown to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-cancer and cholesterol-lowering properties.

It's a natural compound that enhances your body’s ability to fight foreign bacteria and free radicals.

This extract is made exclusively with bellflower roots that are 3 years old.

Why? As the roots age and grow in size, they accumulate larger amounts of saponin.

This extract provides a boost of natural energy in the short-term, while restoring vitality in the long term (assuming regular consumption and a balanced diet).

Note: This extract is made with only 1 ingredient - 100% Korean Balloon Flower! It is strong and not sweetened with fruit.

Available in a scoop jar (150g).

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Product Highlights

  • Balloon flower roots contain saponins - which have anti-cancer & cholesterol-lowering properties
  • Extract is made with 3-year-old roots, as they contain a higher concentration of saponins
  • No sweeteners are used - only 1 ingredient (100% Bellflower Root)  
  • Process involves 72 hours of cutting, boiling and processing!
  • Available in scoop jar (150g)

[Sangol Farm] Balloon Flower Root Extract (150g)

Made 100% with 3-Year-Old Balloon Flower Roots

Premium Balloon Flower Root are grown pesticide-free in Korea

They are harvested at year 3, when the roots contain peak amounts of saponin

 + Then the 3-year-old roots are cleaned & slowly dried... over 13 hours

+ Then they are slowly liquified into extract... over 15 hours

+ The thick extract is left to further ferment in vacuumed tanks... over 44 hours 

This 72 hour slow extraction process retains much of the root's original nutrition

What is Balloon Flower? (도라지)

Balloon Flower (aka Bellflower) is native to East Asia - China, Korea, Japan

It get its name due to its balloon-shaped flower buds

It's roots are packed with a variety of immunity-boosting compounds...

Saponins, Inulin, Phytosterol, Betulic Acid, Glucose 

The roots are used in Traditional Korean Medicine to lower blood sugar levels, decrease cancer cells and increase immunity

Product Details

1 jar contains 150 grams

For adults: Take 1.5 teaspoons (5g) per serving

For children: Take 1 teaspoon (3g) per serving

Take up to 2~3 servings per day

Ingredients List

Korean Balloon Flower (100%)

Expiration date

1 year from listed date on package

Storage Tip

Store at room temperature

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