[Shinangchon] Yangjo Soy Sauce (860 ml)


Shinangchon Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce

100% Naturally Brewed, Artisanal

[Shinangchon] Yangjo Soy Sauce

Shinangchon's Yangjo Soy Sauce is a Super-Premium Soy Sauce.

It's made by an artisanal company that's spent the last half-century perfecting the art of soy sauce.

This is their signature product, and it tastes incredible - salty, umami, earthy and deep. To produce this deep flavor, the company goes the extra mile.

They extract natural bedrock water from 200m underground! Then mash high-quality soybeans - with the bedrock water - and store them in traditional Korean Onggi pots.

The large pots are moved to an underground facility (check video below), so they can ferment in ideal, controlled climate for six months.

During the entire process, there is no chemical additive or preservatives added - 100% naturally brewed.

Note: The Total Nitrogen value of this Soy Sauce is 1.5 - Super Premium quality!

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Product Highlights

  • Super-premium grade - 1.5% TN 
  • Naturally-Brewed Soy Sauce - no chemical additives or preservatives 
  • Made with natural bedrock water (from 200m underground!) 
  • Available in one size: 860mL
[Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar
Product In Brief

Full Ingredients List

  • Soybean, Wheat, Sea Salt, Fructose Syrup,
    Fermented Alcohol, Oligodang Syrup, Honey,
    Yeast Extract, Salt, Steviol Glycoside, Seed Malt

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 2 years
  • Before opening, store in a cool, dry area
  • After opening, keep in refrigerator

What to Make

  • Used in almost every Korean Dish
  • Banchans: Soy Sauce Braised Eggs, Jangjorim, Japchae
  • Season any stew, stir-fry and K-BBQ dishes

About the Brand

  • Established in 1957, Shinangchon has spent over half a century
    perfecting the art of brewing soy sauce. Their Soy Sauce is known
    for its premium quality and sold in Korean Department Stores.

What is Total Nitrogen Value?

Total Nitrogen (TN) indicates how much soybean protein is found in the soy sauce. As soybeans ferment, they release protein in the form of nitrogen. The longer they ferment, the more nitrogen they produce. A higher TN number indicates higher quality. The grading scale is shown below.

1% is average | 1.3% is premium | 1.5 - 1.8% is super-premium
Shinangchon's Soy Sauce is 1.5% >> Super Premium

How is this advertised in Korea? 

Try making Korean Mayak Eggs with Shinangchon Soy Sauce.

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About The Brand

Shinangchon Logo - Gochujar

Shinangchon has been brewing Soy Sauce for the last 60 years. They follow traditional Korean techniques and ferment their soybeans in large Onggi pots. Shinangchon Soy Sauces have a strong reputation in Korea and sold as premium goods in Korean department stores.   

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